New Green Lot Parking Details

The following release from the University of Louisville Athletic Department details the new Green Lot parking situation. <p> <B>ITV RADIO:</B> Gary Friedman of the University of Louisville will be our on-air guest at 6:30 to discuss changes to the Green Lot.

The athletic department has received several complaints via email, phone calls and in person over the last few years regarding the green lot. They focused on the following:

1. Fans bought green lot passes but no spots were available to park.
2. Fans would park in green lot, then hand their passes to friends outside the green lot to park who never purchased a green lot pass. Therefore, people who did not buy a green lot pass have been parking there.
3. Fans setting up tables and chairs in parking spots that they did not have a pass to occupy.
4. Traffic concerns getting into the green lot.

During the past few years, the athletic department has aggressively attempted to ask fans to be courteous and respectful of other fans by not taking extra spaces, contain tailgate areas, and allow for fellow Cardinal fans to enjoy their tailgate space. Unfortunately, the above stated problems have persisted and increased.

The athletic program's move to the Big East has now created tremendous interest in the football program. The demand for tickets and parking has significantly increased.

Green lot parking will be at a premium. The last two seasons, green lot parking has sold out, creating a waiting list of football season ticket holders to get green lot parking.

The athletic department is addressing the complaints of fans parking in the green lot, while maintaining the environment and atmosphere that is prevalent in the green lot.

This green lot parking plan was presented to an advisory board made up of football season ticket holders who park in the green lot. This group reviewed the plan, provided input, and unanimously suggested to move forward with the following plan for implementation.

The details of this plan are as follows:

All parking spaces in the green lot will be numbered and assigned to season ticket holders.

Season ticket holders will order their green lot parking in the same fashion as previous years through an invoice coming from the ticket office.

Fans can park next to their friends by ordering their parking passes together. Fans will be asked to list the people they want to park next to.

Location of parking will be determined by total priority points of the individual or group of fans (group priority points will be averaged among all individuals). Priority points measure a fan's loyalty, longevity and support of the program.

There will be a specific section within the green lot designated for RV parking.

A tram service will be added to the green lot to provide transportation to the north end of the lot for fans that have trouble walking or those that would like to utilize this service from various locations within the green lot.

Green lot parking is available to football season ticket holders that are at the $100 or higher donor level to the Cardinal Athletic Fund. This donor level is met, in most cases, by fan's annual Cardinal Athletic Fund gift that helps provide scholarship dollars for U of L student athletes. One parking pass per four season tickets may be purchased. Additional passes will be sold through a waiting list, if available.

This plan provides for the following:

All fans who purchase green lot parking will now know they have a guaranteed parking place.

Fans will also know that their tailgating friends will be parking next to them. Fans can also now tell others who they want to join their tailgate where they will be located ahead of time.

Fans that order parking passes in a group can now plan to have a specific area to tailgate. Example: My group has six parking passes. We bring our group in four cars, leaving two legally purchased spaces to use for tables, chairs, tent, etc.

A phone number will be printed on the back of each parking pass to call if there is another car parked in your spot. The number will contact parking personnel located on site to solve any parking issues.

In consultation with traffic experts, this plan anticipates solving many of traffic issues created prior to kickoff in the green lot.

Additional improvements in traffic flow around Papa John's Cardinal Stadium are being finalized in conjunction with city officials to make getting in and out of parking lots easier and quicker for Cardinal football fans. Final details will be shared when available.

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