UW's Lorenzo Romar talks about Louisville game

Before taking his team to Albuquerque to begin preparations for their Sweet 16 game against Louisville, Washington head coach visited witht the media and discussed the matchup.

Before taking his team to Albuquerque to prepare for the Thursday night game against Louisville, former Saint Louis and current Washington head coach Lorenzo Romar visited with the media and discussed the Cardinals.

On Louisville's Zone:
"Well, number one, nothing surprises me what Coach Pitino might do. He didn't just stumble across being a Hall of Fame coach. He will do whatever it takes to win ball games, wherever he thinks there is a weakness with the opposition, he is going to try and exploit it. If he knows what his team strengths are at that time, he is going to use those. He is adept enough and wise enough to be able to cover a wide range of offenses and defenses. It doesn't surprise me, I think they do that because they spend a lot of time on it, the more time you spend on anything the better you get at it."

On changes in teams since Romar and Pitino last met:
"A totally different ballgame, two totally different teams. For one, we play an entirely different style than we did at St. Louis. We played much more of a deliberate style, based on our personnel, and here, we have a different personnel that allows us to play more like we would want to play. Pitino had been there one year, when played against Louisville. His team didn't totally understand what his system was all about. I think Larry O'Bannon was there when we were in St. Louis, I think he was a freshman. Now, he knows that system inside and out Ellis Myles is a fifth year senior, he knows that system inside and out, so do some others. Their play is very similar, but those guys have adapted to it so much better from when we played them last time. It is a much different situation."

"When you have five guys, on the floor, that are in synch and in unison on the defensive end. Whatever defense you run is going to be effective. Right now, their guys are playing together, they understand their shifts, they understand their coverages in it. It is not just three guys out their that know it and two that don't. All five guys know it and feel comfortable. They are also very quick and interchangeable, the personnel in a group like that allow you to be effective in a zone."

On Washington and Louisville having similar styles:
"There are a lot of similarities, I think a true Louisville team may press more than we do, they have not done that as much down the stretch. They are smaller, yet they are bigger, their guards are bigger than our guards. But there are a lot of similarities."

On Albuquerque's altitude: "We are going to leave today to get acclimated to the altitude. But does it concern me now that we are leaving early? Not one bit."

"I think if you can get there a couple of days early and run in it, it is not a factor. That is why we are doing it. Is it a concern? Yes, that is why we are going early. Is there a concern now that we are leaving early? No, because we feel we are taking care of that problem."

On his team's playing style:
"Well, I think it is important to adapt to your personnel. This is the style we would like to play, this is the style we've always liked to play, but didn't feel we had the personnel to do it. That doesn't mean one set of personnel is better than the other, it is just different. This is our preference, to be able to play this way. Whenever you can go out as a coaching staff and do some of the things you really want to do, it definitely beats the alternative."

On Washington's number one seed:
"When you look at our RPI, which is a three, and our conference RPI, which is a two. If you look at the teams that we have beaten in the Top 50 this year, and the fact that we won our Pac-10 conference tournament and you put all of those things on paper and compare them to the rest of the field, I think you come up with a number one seed. Yeah, it took a couple of teams to lose late for us to probably get in there, I think our guys realized that. When we were finally awarded that, everybody felt great about it, then the next thing you know, according to others, well maybe it is not that good, you don't deserve it. Our guys probably felt slighted by that, maybe it has created a little bit of a chip. That is fine, that is kind of how it has always been here."

On coaching in the tournament:
"I think there is a certain way you have to prepare your teams. Rest is very important, emotions are very important. Knowing how to adjust to a certain style that you are playing against. Your game preparation is very important, sometimes if you prepare in the proper way you can trick a team that might be a little better than you. The little things, the rest, the what times you practice, are all things that help you in a tournament situation."

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