RedRage Blog: The Butterflies

You've all experienced them. Heck, you may be going through it with me right now! Pre-game jitters. Your stomach is in knots. You can't eat. You have the 'butterflies.'

Louisville tips off against West Virginia in 4 1/2 hours from now. The winner goes to the Final Four in St. Louis. I'm a nervous wreck! I took a short drive. Didn't work...made it worse. Wow, do you realize how many Cardinal flags are on cars and homes today? Amazing! I've returned home, attempted to watch an old western, 'The Last Wagon' and it seems pretty good - I like old westerns - but, I can't stay focused.

Thank goodness that I don't have to experience these type of days very often. I'd go nuts! It's quiet in my house right now, as both my wife and son are taking afternoon naps. That is probably a good thing. I did get a 32 ounce Dr. Pepper while on my drive, so I'm set for my game drink. Good thinking on my part. :)

As I - and thousands of other Louisville fans - struggle with this, I can't help wonder how the actual players and coaches must feel. How do they stay so calm? How do they not feel the tremendous pressure of an entire community? What is amazing is that this team has improved it's play when the nerves were running higher and the pressure was at its heaviest. From each end of the bench, the players were taking their games to another level as the nation watched on in doubt.

Now the table is turned. West Virginia now holds that burden, while Louisville is the 'easy' pick to win by all the so-called experts. Can the Mountaineers handle the new burden of having to prove themselves? Can Louisville continue to excel when they know that they are the 'heavy' favorite to win?

This game is HUGE!

Back to my movie...for a minute.

10 minutes

I'm back after just ten minutes. It's pretty comical now. As I stood up to go back to the movie and the couch, my cell phone rang. I answer of course. It's Gail, one of our great photographers at, calling from her hotel in Albuquerque. She wanted to let me know that she uploaded some more pictures from the Washington game. She's heading over to The Pit in about 30 minutes. She's doing fine, no nerves really...but we agreed, it is much easier to deal with the nerves when you are at the actual game working.

Okay, now I promise, I'm going to finish this movie.

Oh, and here are a couple of those pictures...

Taquan Dean

Francisco Garcia & Ellis Myles celebrate!

Francisco Garcia

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