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U of L or NBA? Holloway sounds off

The big question everyone wanted to ask Louisville signee <b>Clarence Holloway</b> Thursday afternoon at Jeffersontwon High School was whether or not he'd ever step foot on the U of L campus. Holloway sounded off on the subject, and it appears he's working to clear some hurdles to become college eligible.<p><p><b><a href="">BONUS: Derby Classic practice photo gallery</a></b></p>

The big question everyone wanted to ask Louisville signee Clarence Holloway Thursday afternoon at Jeffersontwon High School was whether or not he'd ever step foot on the U of L campus.

Two weeks ago, that question probably wasn't on anybody's radar screen. But when Louisville coach Rick Pitino hinted last week that the 7-0, 275-pound Holloway was thinking about by-passing U of L and declaring for the NBA Draft, Holloway's response to that question had piqued everyone's interest.

Pulled out of practice for the 2005 adidas Kentucky Derby Festival Basketball Classic, Holloway sounded like a guy planning to go to school.

"I want to come to Louisville real bad and play for Rick Pitino," Holloway said. "I want to come here and work on my body, run hard, play with the other guys, and just have fun."

Fellow U of L signee, 6-5 Terrance Williams from Seattle, weighed in on the subject.

"He better not go anywhere else or I'll be after him," Williams said with a laugh. "You know, whatever his decision is in the future I wish him luck, but I hope to play with him at (Louisville) next year."

Holloway says he'll re-take the SAT in May.
Asked why Pitino would mention Holloway and NBA in the same sentence, the Chicago native pleaded the fifth.

"I have no comment on that," he said. "I'm just focused on coming to Louisville right now."

Last week, Pitino also said he hadn't heard from the 7-0, 275-pound Holloway in recent weeks. Thursday, Holloway offered his explaination for the lack of communication with the coach he committed to in December 2003, and signed to play for last November.

"I've been busy working out - I've got a workout schedule seven days a week," Holloway explained. "So I've been busy."

Academics are almost certainly Holloway's biggest hurdle to playing. He claims a solid 3.0 GPA in the classroom, but admits that he hasn't yet achieved a qualifying test score. Holloway said he'll re-take the test next month, and has confidence he'll achieve the necessary score to play next season at Louisville.

"I'm going to take my test (again) in May," Holloway said. "I've been getting tutoring, so I'll probably pass it. And I've got a 3.0 GPA, so I've got confidence that I'm going to pass the test. I've taken it several times. But I haven't passed it, but I'm more confident this time."

Thursday, Holloway appeared in better shape than he did last summer. He credits hard work for his improved physique.

"I haven't taken any days off. I've been running, lifting weights, and working hard. So that helped me get down to 275, and that's a good weight for me."

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