Video: Williams 'wows' crowd, discovers rivalry

The evening was labeled, "The Night of Future Stars," but for Terrence Williams, it was a night that a star was born.

From his standing ovation entrance to his Thunder Over Louisville type dunk to cap the night off, Williams was on top of the world.

When he wasn't participating in the 3-point or two-on-two contest, he was enjoying his time on the sideline, always smiling and sporting a bright red U of L wool hat...despite the UK fan on the front row heckling him.

"He was saying things to me from the time I walked in the door," Williams explained. "Things like that make me even more motivated."

It apparently worked. When it came his time to participate in the Derby Classic dunk contest he took the Bellarmine gym over, wearing the hat of course. The crowd rose to it's feet. He declined the opportunity for a practice dunk. He went straight to work.

The crowd screamed as he threw his first one down with authority. As he prepared for his final attempt, he took a second to point and give a friendly gesture to the Kentucky fan.

"I haven't scored a basket for Louisville yet, but I already know that I don't like Kentucky," Williams said.

After sizing things up once, Williams hammered his second try and hung from the rim with his elbow. The judges gave him perfect 10's, while the Louisville dominant crowd showered him chants of 'U of L' and 'T-Will!'

"He's incredible," said future U of L teammate Andre McGee. "He's a leaper. He's an athlete. It's going to be fun throwing lobs to him next year."


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