Eric Shelton to the Carolina Panthers

Running back Eric Shelton met with the media following his selection by the Carolina Panthers in the second round of the NFL Draft.

On his reaction to being selected by the Panthers: I was nervous at first because I didn't really know what they were going to do. They were at 45 but then they traded down to 54. I was just crossing my fingers. I was just happy to get the opportunity to come and play for that organization.

On if he was expecting the Panthers to be the team: Most definitely. I got pretty good vibes from the Panthers. Coach Jim Skipper felt very good about my game and how I went about things. Coach Fox was very down-to-earth. I think I fit into their system, and so I was very confident that they would be a team that I would play for in the near future.

On why he got good vibes from the Panthers: They flew me in to visit with the coaching staff and tour the facilities. They were the only team that did that. They came and worked me out. And when I was there meeting with the coaching staff, I just felt good about it.

On comparison of his running style to Stephen Davis: I really don't like to compare my game to other players, but as far as the tenacity goes and the north/south style that we have, I would say that's a valid comparison.

On his running style and how it fits in Carolina: It's north/south. There are no east/west runners in the scheme of their offense. Coach Fox likes that. He likes somebody who is going to get the hard yards, and I think I can do that.

On what he feels he needs to work on: I think if I just get the opportunity to get experience in a game, I'll be a better all-around player. I think experience is the main thing lacking right now.

On if he can catch out of the backfield: If you look at the combine and the pro days, I caught every pass that was thrown to me. I was in a crowded backfield (at Louisville) and when I got the opportunity I took advantage of it.

On transferring to Louisville from Florida State: I came home for family issues and to help out a little bit. It was also an opportunity for my family to watch me play. When I was at FSU I was about 10 hours from home. When I came back home, everything worked out.

On what opportunities he sees in Carolina: That will be up to the coaches, really. I'm going to work as hard as I can to get myself on the field. The final decision is up to the coaches, though. I'm just glad to be in this position right now.

On if he prefers to carry the ball a lot: I would prefer to get a lot of carries. I had no problem sharing the ball because I was really close to the guys I was sharing with. But any time a guy can get 20-25 carries a game, that's always great. If I was able to get that many last year, who knows what I could have done.

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