Carolina drafts Stefan LeFors

On coming to the Panthers: I'm excited. I really didn't know what to expect coming into this whole thing. I expected to get drafted, I just didn't know when or where. I couldn't think of a better place than Carolina.

On what he knows about the team: Our running back Eric Shelton just got picked by them yesterday. I've seen them play a lot, especially when they play the Saints. I'm from Baton Rouge so I kind of followed them. I know (the Panthers) have a great defense and on offense they pound you with the run, and Jake (Delhomme) makes a lot of plays up top. I'm just looking forward to being there.

On if he knows Jake Delhomme: It's funny because I just met him this past Easter. I just went to his house down in Breaux Bridge. Because of my wife, somehow we're related through marriage. It's wild. It was great meeting him. He's a great guy. Leaving his house, my wife and I said, "It would be great to go there just because of him." Sure enough, that's what happened.

On what he thought of Delhomme: I liked him a lot. He's a real down-to-earth guy. He's a Cajun. I relate to him. I'm looking forward to learning all I can from him.

On if he's a Cajun like Jake: No, I'm not "as bad" as him. (Laughs) I'm from the city. He's out there by the bayou and all of that.

On what he ate on Easter with Delhomme: We had broiled crawfish and all of that good stuff. I had a good time. I hadn't eaten that in a long time. Here in Louisville, they think crawfish is food you eat on Fear Factor. I was looking forward to that. It was great.

On growing up with deaf parents: To me, it was normal. A lot of people don't look at it as normal. It was all I knew growing up. I have deaf parents, a deaf brother, grandparents, aunts and uncles that are deaf. I was pretty much the only one who could hear in my family. That was my life. We are a close family. We just communicated with our hands instead of our mouths.

On living two lives because of that situation: I guess you could say that. I got used to it, I guess. I'd go to school and speak. Come home and not speak and use sign language. I just learned two languages. It was a good learning experience, I guess.

On if he thinks that experience helped him in football: I get that question a lot. I really don't know. I think it just goes back to my family. We were always outside playing with a ball somewhere. I just prayed to God that I had the skills to play this game. I think it just goes back to my dad and my mom and brother. We were always very active.

On going to the same high school with receiver Michael Clayton: We played football, basketball and ran track together.

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