One On One with Ray Buchanan

Former U of L football great Ray Buchanan visited with on Friday and discussed the status of the Cardinal football program, his younger brother Bobby and more.

Former U of L great Ray Buchanan, who's honored jersey hangs from the facade of Papa John's Cardinal Stadium, was drafted in the third round by Indianapolis following his senior year in 1992 and helped the Colts reach the NFC Championship game in 1996. He was then traded to the Atlanta, where he helped the Falcons reach the 1999 Super Bowl. "Big Play" Ray played for the Oakland Raiders in 2004 and will likely resign with Al Davis' team in the coming weeks.

On Friday, Buchanan, who was the Defensive MVP of the 1991 Fiesta Bowl and ranks third in the U of L record books with 15 career interceptions, attended the Cardinals spring game.

During the game, Buchanan spent a few minutes visiting with and discussed everything from the status of the U of L program, his younger brother Bobby, who will join the team this fall, possibly resigning with the Oakland Raiders and more.

On Friday's Spring Game event:

"It's great that Louisville has been getting all of the national exposure that they have the past few years. Then to see some of the guys that were here before me and after me that went to the NFL come back is great. I wanted to come down and show my appreciation for what U of L has done for me. I wanted to let them know that I recognize all the great things they are doing. This is an awesome event."

On the status of the Louisville football program:

"It's real exciting to see what is going on here. For everything that U of L has built and worked towards, that dream is starting to come true for them. They are ranked high. They are a top-notch team that others are worried about playing. Kids that come here now have an even better opportunity to live thier dream and make it to the NFL. Having a great coaching staff and great fans help and U of L has both. In a few days, there will be a bunch of guys from here that will be rookies in the NFL and that is a great example of how good things are going for U of L."

Bobby Buchanan was a frequent
visitor during spring practice

On his younger Bobby Buchanan who will join the Cardinal football team this fall:

"I'm going to real fair when talking about him. I'll tell you the same thing I tell him. Right now he has to keep his head on straight and stay focused. No one ever told him that it would be easy. He has a lot of talent...he's fast, he's quick. He is part of the future for U of L and he is a little frustrated that he can't participate right now because of the injuries and having to improve his grades. I really believe in him. He's doing better in school and he'll be out there this fall. Then he'll quickly squash all the little things that people may worry about with him. He's a tough kid and I can't wait to see him get out there and play...he's going to be a good one."

On giving advice to his younger brother Bobby:

"I talk to him a lot. If I were him I would lean on somebody like myself...someone that has been through it all. I know how tough it is. I don't like putting pressure on him. He doesn't deserve that, he deserves better. I don't like patting him on the back either, but at the same time I like giving the type of discipline that he needs to try to better himself. He's family, so I have to let have it at times."

On his future in the NFL:

"Right now I'm a free agent. Oakland has a contract waiting for me and I just have to go down there and sign it if I want it. More than anything, I wanted to wait until the draft was over and see whats available out there. When you have played as long as I have you don't have to rush into anything. I'm just trying to find that one team that will help me go out there and get a ring. I want a Super Bowl ring so bad and Oakland really has a good shot at doing that, so most likely I'll be signing back with those guys."

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