Walker playing well on 17-under AAU circuit

Despite turning 16 just two months ago, University of Louisville commit Martez Walker has played well on the 17-under AAU circuit this spring.

Despite turning 16 just two months ago, Louisville commit Martez Walker has played well on the 17-under AAU circuit this spring.

Playing for the Louisiana Future Rising Stars, which is coached by his father, Larry Walker, Martez helped his team to a 3-3 record, and advance past pool play last month in Houston, Texas at the talent-laden Kingwood Classic. While in Houston, Louisville assistant Vince Taylor also caught one of Walker's games.

Walker led his Future Rising Stars team to the Bronze Bracket's Elite Eight, knocking off SYF Brotherhood, El Paso Suns, and San Antonio RoHawks before falling to Minnesota Swoosh in the fourth round of the playoffs.

"He's played real well," Larry Walker said Wednesday. "He's kept his teammates involved, and has played good defense against excellent competition."

Walker also said his son has performed well in the classroom during his freshman year at Birmingham's Central Park Christian.

"He's doing real well in school," said Walker. "He's got a 3.0 GPA right, but we're trying to get it a little higher. We'd like it to be 3.2."

Walker had many adjustments to make this year. While he attended school in Alabama, his family remained in their LaPlace, Louisiana home. However, Walker's father said he and his family will be moving much closer to his son's school this summer.

"He's done real well away from home this year," said Walker. "We're buying a house and moving to Birmingham in July."

Walker's father says future
backcourt duo at U of L with
Nolan Smith would be exciting.

Walker also sounded excited about a future backcourt duo consisting of his son, and 6-3 sophomore Nolan Smith, who is close to committing to the Cardinals, in Louisville.

"I've seen him play a couple of times, and I really like his game," Walker said of Smith, the son of former U of L great Derek Smith. "He and Tezzie would be good together."

Walker's next event will come Memorial Day weekend when he travels to North Carolina for Bob Gibbon's annual tournament. He'll play for Baron Davis' Rising Stars of America in North Carolina with future Central Park teammate Deshawn Harris from Los Angeles, California.

Walker will also attend Rick Pitino's summer camp in Louisville June 10-12.

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