Is a game against Notre Dame in the Cards?

Last week specualation circulated that Louisville and Notre Dame would face each other on the gridiron and on Tuesday afternoon U of L Athletic Director Tom Jurich confirmed that the series will likely take place.

"I do," Jurich replied when asked about the possibly of his school facing the Irish. "I don't think the dates are real solid, but I know Notre Dame is very excited about it. They have a long history of playing Big East schools."

Last week Notre Dame announced that it had agreed to play three Big East teams on a home-and-home basis beginning in 2009.

"We have every reason to want the Big East to work," Notre Dame associate athletic director John Heisler told the Pittsburgh Tribune-Review late last week. "It was the most attractive and might have been the only option for us to remain independent in football. So if we can do anything to help, why not do it?"

Jurich added on Tuesday that Notre Dame continues to be a great partner for Big East football.

"They do so many things for us behind the scenes," Petrino said. "Whether it's with NBC, whether it's a scheduling consortium for our league, whether it's putting their Notre Dame clout out in front, it has been very, very helpful. We are very fortunate, plus we will have them in 21 other sports."

While facing rebuilding Notre Dame in a home-and-home series will create a lot of excitement among the Cardinal faithful, Jurich believes that Notre Dame officials view the future games as a great opportunity for their program.

"I hope that Notre Dame see's that it is a great chance to play Louisville and I think they will. In talking with [Notre Dame Athletic Director] Kevin White, I think that is what they are looking forward to and that's a credit to [Bobby Petrino]."

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