Zach Anderson at UofL to "win it all"

East Mississippi Community College transfer Zach Anderson arrived in Louisville just prior to the start of summer workouts and the 6-foot-4, 265-pound defensive end, who was a 1st Team All-Region performer last fall, spoke with Inside The Ville about his expectations as a Louisville Cardinal.

What's your impression of Louisville since your arrival?

"I love it here. I love the coaching staff and all the players have been real nice since I got here. They welcomed me in pretty good and we are already getting started. I'm looking forward to the upcoming season...I'm already excited about it."

How are you adjusting to the voluntary workouts?

"It's something new, but after I get used to it, it will be alright. I have a strong body, so I'll be okay. You have to work hard to play this game, especially if you want to win like we do. Nothing comes easy. I just love game of football."

Do you have any goals set for what you would like to accomplish at Louisville?

"I came here to help Louisville win it all, so that's what I'm here for."

What are your early impressions of the defensive line?

"We are deep this year. We all have to work hard if we want to play, so that's what I'm going to do."

Do you see yourself as an impact player and potential starter?

"That's why they brought me in. They knew I'd work hard to win the job. I came to play football and not sit on the sidelines. Whatever it takes for me to play, that's what I'll do."

You were a quarterback in high school. How does that help you with your position along the defensive line?

"It has helped me pick up on different plays. You can throw a bunch of different types of plays at me, but from being a quarterback I can remember pretty much the different types of things the offense will try to do. I can adjust to everything. Plus, because of my mobility I am able to do some things that a lot other linemen can't do."

Do you have a nickname?

"Big Country. I got it when I was playing basketball when I was about 11 years old. It was just because I was bigger than everybody else and because being from Alabama I was real country."

What are your thoughts on joining a program that most have ranked in the top ten heading into the season?

"I'm excited, but to stay there we have to win. It all depends on us, because the coaches can't go out there and play for us. If we want to keep it and then go even higher then we have to play hard."

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