Michael Bush talks about upcoming season

Following Thursday's workouts and prior to the swarm of the remaining media, Michael Bush visited one-on-one with Inside The Ville and talked about becoming a team leader, the upcoming season and more.

How are summer workouts coming along?

"So far, so good. Right now everybody is coming out here working hard so we can be ready for the season."

Coach Petrino said that the summer months is when the team leader's are found. Do you find yourself filling that role now?

"Yes, but I'm more of a leader by example. I'm not vocal really - I'm a quiet person. When guys see me out here working hard, they all step up and do the same thing."

How are the younger members of the team doing with their first summer workout?

"They are looking pretty good right now. I just can't wait to see everybody come in, so we can see how good we are as a team. Right now everybody is doing their job and having fun."

Having grown up in Louisville, you have seen the continued rise of the football program. How does it feel to be apart of the program when it is at the highest level it has ever been?

"It's great. When I go around the city you hear people talking about it. It didn't use to be like that. We love the fan support that we are getting now."

Talk about the motivation that the team has during this off season.

"We still have the same goals as last year - to have the number one offense in the country. I guess they have us ranked 6th, so we want to stay there and get better. We are doing things just like last year and are out here busting our tails."

Besides having the top offense, what other goals does the team have for this season?

"Conference championship and national championship. What we feel that we can do we will work hard to get out there and accomplish. The goals are out there for us, so we just need to go get it. Right now I think the only thing that can stop us is ourselves."

Talk about the competition in the backfield.

"We are going to split the carries between two backs and we are out coming out here during the summer pushing each other. We aren't worried about who is going to start and things like that, because when it is game time we will strap in on and go as hard as we can."

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