Amobi Okoye focused on a perfect season

Junior defensive tackle Amobi Okoye recently visited with Inside The Ville and discussed summer work, the upcoming season and more.

Talk about the summer workouts.

"They are going real good. We are just out here trying to prepare the same way that we did last summer, if not even harder. We want to be better than we were last season, so that's what we are trying to do out here. We've seen what one good season can do to a program, so we want to keep on building that. Going 11-1 gets you a lot, so hopefully we will go 12-0 this year. We want to finish this season out right in the BCS and national championship."

Coach Petrino said a couple weeks ago that this is the year that this program has to prove that it is one of the elite programs. Do you believe that this program still has to prove itself to the country?

"We are ready to prove it, but there is still doubt out there. Some people think we got lucky last year and they say stuff about our strength of schedule, but all we care about is us. We are a family and that's all we care about, we don't pay attention to any of the other stuff. We just want to prove to ourselves that we are one of the best in the country."

What's your thoughts on this year's defensive line at this point?

"We are looking pretty good. We're out here working on a few new techniques. Whenever we get a little extra time we try to throw something new in to make us even better. We're real strong this year. We're a close group too."

Despite finishing last year 15th in the country in total defense, the majority of the talk about this program focused on the offense. The same is true leading into this year. Does the lack of attention the defense receives bother you?

"Not really, because we love coming out practicing and working against the number one offense in the nation. Not that many defenses in the country can do that, so we are happy that we get the chance to do that. When you practice against the best, you become the best."

Refueling during last season's 34-0 shutout win
over North Carolina in Chapel Hill

Did you enjoy the three weeks that you spent visiting family and friends in Alabama?

"It was a good time to see everyone again, but now we are back and it's time to get back to business. This is a new beginning. It's a new season."

How do people in Alabama feel about Louisville football now?

"It's known now. When I signed not too many people knew about us, but they all know now. Louisville football is on the map."

Talk about what motivates you going into the new season.

"The motivation is with the new conference. Conference USA was a great conference and there was a lot of competition, but now we get to go to the Big East and there's going to be even bigger competition. We want to run the table and that's what we expect to do."

Talk about the goals for this upcoming season.

"Now we have the BCS bid, so it really elevates our goals. I would say that they are little bit higher for this year, but they are attainable. We wouldn't set a goal if it wasn't attainable for us."

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