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SEATTLE, June 15th, 2005 – and, the two largest online communities for University of Connecticut and Syracuse University athletics respectively, are leaving their present network to join, America's largest independent online sports network.

Both and, along with founder Tom Emery, will join the Network in the Fall of 2005. Long-time The and publisher John Mayerhauser will join immediately and launch and and Mayerhauser will also launch a magazine covering University of Connecticut athletics in the Fall of 2005 beginning with the 2005 UConn Basketball Preview issue. At Syracuse, Mayerhauser and Emery will partner with the "TheJuice" magazine and longtime Syracuse athletics publisher, Judy Salamone.

The-Boneyard and become two of the more than 30-plus top site publishers or lead editors who have left's competition to join the network, Founder and CEO J.C. Heckman said. The migration has helped build nearly double the reach of its competition, according to Nielsen NetRatings.

"The addition of and to our network continues to show our users and subscribers that we are committed to serving both football and basketball fans, and only widens our lead over the competition in coverage of inside college-basketball team and recruiting information and evaluation," said Heckman. "Our subscribers know they are getting the best information from our nationally respected blue-ribbon team of experts Dave Telep, Frank Burlison, Tracy Pierson, Mike Sullivan, Greg Hicks and Jeff Goodman. We've committed to bringing the top basketball sites in the country onto our network. Bruin Report Online,,, and are all with us at Scout. and The-Boneyard are two key additions to an already fantastic lineup."

"We are excited about this move and what it will mean to our communities," said publisher John Mayerhauser. "Clearly, it makes sense for our sites. Dave Telep, Mike Sullivan and the rest of the basketball analysts at are the best in the business. Anyone who peruses the net looking for basketball recruiting information ultimately ends up at"

"In addition, we were amazed at the sheer reach of Scout has over 2.4 million unique users, and a syndication reach of 35 million. Bigger means more subscribers, more resources, more stability and more independence. It's the best way for us to give Syracuse and UCONN fans the straight forward information they crave and's size and stability eliminates worries that staff writers and network managers are kowtowing to specific sites."

Mayerhauser also extoles the value of a publication for subscribers.

"We are always trying to give value to our subscribers," said Mayerhauser. "The opportunity for subscribers to get online information and a monthly magazine in a bundled subscription is a two-fer unmatched anywhere else. We look forward to launching a top-flight UCONN magazine, and the opportunity to partner with Judy Salamone's magazine at Syracuse is a win for everyone."

In addition to, Mayerhauser reports that the hard-core Syracuse fans will be pleased to learn that and its detailed game reports, historical data and recruiting analysis will also become part of the new Syracuse site.

"We are very excited about bringing to and the network," says publisher, Mason Wolak. "It makes perfect sense to bring together the very best Syracuse websites under the umbrella of, which has quickly grown into the premiere college athletics network thanks to its excellent insiders resources and outstanding recruiting analysts. This move will allow Syracuse fans access to an incredible amount of information, as we will continue to provide our top-notch game analysis and recruiting profiles, coupled with the exciting fan community of and the high visibility of the brand name"

Fellow publisher, Ben Sherman of is delighted at what this means for basketball and football fans on the network. ""The addition of The-Boneyard and SyracuseFan only furthers's extensive lead on the rest of the field when it comes to college hoops and college hoops recruiting," said Sherman. " has the vast majority of top college basketball publishers and far and away the best basketball recruiting experts in the industry. I can't imagine trying to be a successful publisher anywhere else. John and Tom also do a great job on the football front, and with the new All-American combines and US Army All-American Bowl partnership, will be the perfect fit for them in that regard as well," said Sherman.

According to the most recent Media Metrics ratings, Scout's online property,, has grown to reach more then 2.4 million unique users. Scout content reaches an additional 35 million fans through syndication partnerships with Yahoo! Sports,, SportsLine and FOX Sports. Revenues have grown at an annual rate of 70 percent annually since the company was established in 2001.

About Scout Media, Inc.

Scout Media, Inc. is a network of sports media properties operated under one brand. is the No. 1 independent online sports network and the top team magazine publisher in the United States. is an integrated sports publishing company consisting of two separate divisions that work closely together to deliver a unique and highly integrated Internet and print product offering. The Internet publishing division consists of a network of more than 200 websites that publish inside and exclusive content focusing on college and high school, as well as NFL, MLB, and other professional team sports. The company's print publishing division produces 45 of the most widely read independent college and professional team-focused, high-quality glossy magazines in the country. Scout content reaches more than 2.2 million people directly and another 35 million through syndication each month (1,100 pieces of content syndicated daily), making Scout the most read independent sports publisher in the country.

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