Earl Heyman talks about thrilling All-Star win

Louisville-bound high school All-American Earl Heyman was a dominant force on the Kentucky All-Stars defensive line during Friday night's 41-27 victory over the Tennessee All-Stars. Following his team's win, Heyman visited one-on-one with Inside The Ville.

Incoming Cardinal defensive lineman Earl Heyman was a force along the defensive line during Friday night's 41-27 win over Tennessee by the Kentucky high school All-Star's. While he recorded four tackles, including one for a loss, as well as forcing a crucial fumble, Heyman played an equally vital role on the sidelines, continually motivating his in-state teammates.

The thrilling come from behind win for the Kentucky All-Star's was highlighted by impressive plays by JuJuan Spillman, David Jones, Brandon Smith and others. Unfortunately, it also featured an bench clearing brawl - mostly a lot of pushing and talking - following the final play of the game.

Heyman, U of L's third straight high school All-American from the River City, spoke with InsidetheVille.com about all the action on Friday night.

Talk about the experience of the week of practice.

"It was a wonderful experience. These guys are great players and great athletes. We had a lot of fun at camp - we had three a days and it kind of wore on your body, but we bonded extremely well. To be around these guys, that are all going to different schools, for a week we came together like a family."

What about the emotion displayed in the game by both teams?

"I love to play with emotion, but sometimes it can get out of control. Controlling the emotion comes with maturity. I saw them giving my teammates cheap shots, trash-talking and stuff and it got really emotional out there. I can't stand seeing somebody do something to my teammates, especially when they could get hurt. I'm really emotional about the game of football period, so I get like that everytime I come out to play."

I understand that some comments by a Tennessee player earlier in the week upset the Kentucky team.

"What really got us going this week was when (Tennessee-bound running back) Lamarcus Coker said that he would have 7 touchdowns and end their losing streak. I think he ended up with zero touchdowns and had negative yards.

(NOTE: Coker ended the game with 16 yards rushing on 11 attempts - no touchdowns.)

How important was it for you to help the state win it's forth straight over Tennessee?

"It was real, real, real big. I had a lot of fun. We were talking about keeping the streak alive all week."

What about this year's defensive line that included yourself, Brandon Deaderick and James McKinney?

"We think this was the best defensive line for Kentucky in the history of the game."

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