Josh Minton claims top 5

John Minton is a big defensive end prospect out of the Bluegrass State that's received quite a lot of attention so far this recruiting year. How many offers does he currently hold and who stands the best chance to earn his signature?

"I'm not really sure on the exact number of offers but I know I have over 20. I would say the schools I like the most would be Kentucky, Louisville, Virginia Tech, Florida and Auburn," Josh Minton said.

Why have those 5 schools made the cut?

Kentucky: "It's the home school. I've grown up and I've always rooted for the Cats. I could see them possibly turning things around. I think they have the ability."

Louisville: "They're just in the making to be a very strong program. They've already shown what they could do last year and I think their defense is going to get a lot better this year."

Virginia Tech: "They've always been a strong school. I've always considered their defense to be great. It's also a stable situation with the coaches being there so long and how close they are to the players."

Florida: "I have more connections to Florida due to Coach Mattison because he coached at Notre Dame when I went to their camp. I got to know him and we get along real good. I think they are going to turn it around this year with the discipline. I think that's all they needed."

Auburn: "I like Coach Tuberville a lot. Coming from almost getting fired to having a perfect season, I think that's great. He's brought the players closer together."

Josh has already visited three of his favorites and he will have visited all of them before the summer is complete.

"I went to a 7 on 7 camp at Louisville. I don't really plan on camping anywhere else. I've been Louisville, Kentucky and Virginia Tech for unofficial visits though. I plan to go see Alabama, Auburn and Florida unofficially also."

Minton is trying to make an early decision and he'll be looking at a few specific factors before he decides on his choice.

"I would like to try and make a decision earlier but if I don't feel ready I'm not going to rush it. Academics is definitely going to play a major part. As for the football aspect, it's going to be the relationship I develop with the coach and the players."

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