Catching Up With: Antoine Harris

Antoine Harris led the Cardinals secondary in pass break ups and pulled in two interceptions last fall as a senior. The Tennessee Titan rookie recently visited with Inside The Ville and discussed life after Cardinal football.

Former Cardinal and current Tennessee Titans rookie defensive back Antoine Harris is currently working out at Louisville's football complex preparing for the Titan's training camp later this month. caught up with Harris while watching the current Cardinals conduct their summer workouts last week.

How did your first mini-camp go?

"It was a new experience for me. I was kind of overwhelming at first when you get down there and see all the guys that you have been watching on t.v., but for the most part it is just football. I try not to get to star struck because they are guys just like I am. It was different at first though, to see the guys like Steve McNair and then defend receivers like Tyrone Calico and guys like that."

How do feel that you did during mini-camp?

"I did pretty well. I think I surprised a lot of people. I had a lot to prove going down there as a free agent. I felt that I should have been drafted, so I just did the best I could."

What type of feedback have you received from the Titans coaches?

"They felt like I did pretty well. They are also taking into consideration that I have really only played defensive back for one full season. They think that I have a lot of ability, so I'm hoping things work out for the best."

How important is it to have a facility like Louisville's where you can continue to workout during the offseason?

"It's real important. Coach Petrino always has an open door policy for all the guys that graduate from here and that's really good. It's good to be able to come back and see some of the younger guys and how they are coming along."

When does training camp start for the Titans?

"It starts on July 29th. I'll be going back there a few days before that so I can get settled in and get my physical and be ready to start camp again."

Any thoughts on how it will feel emotionally to play in an NFL game?

(big smile) "It's something that I have always dreamed of and when it happens you have to realize that you have lived your dream, but then you have to put that feeling behind you and get ready to play."

Any lifestyle changes yet?

(laughing) "I'm not going to be a big spender. Maybe I'll worry about that down the line."

Talk about the team returning at Louisville.

"I think they look pretty good. They have a lot of guys coming back from last year that played and hopefully they are used to winning. I doubt they will get tired of it, so they should come out and be real good again this year."

How about the guys returning in the Cardinals secondary?

"I think we have some young guys that can really step up. William Gay will be the leader out there - he was the leader last year for us - so, it's not going to be a problem for him to get those guys going this year."

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