Florida QB waiting for Louisville offer

Lakeland, Fla. quarterback Billy Lowe will be a full-time starter for the first time this season. Having been a backup on last year's 5A state championship team, Lowe is ready to take over those duties.

"We've worked really hard this offseason," Lowe said. "We have 14 seniors of our 22 starters. Those guys don't want to leave here saying they won a title as a junior but came up short as a senior. We've been real focused. We're doing more as an offense now too. We're getting all our signals from the sidelines. We're going to be high tempo."

Lowe, 6-2 and 195 pounds, was one of the most impressive quarterback prospects I watched all summer. In fact, the only QB in Florida who I've seen with more upside is Tim Tebow. Lowe has also been enjoying the recruiting process. "I am blessed to have some offers without ever being a full time starter," he said. "Ohio U, UCF, people like that have offered -- smaller schools."

Lowe is waiting for Louisville to pull the offer trigger next. "I went up there, saw the campus, and met with the coaches. Their head coach basically said they are going to offer but they want to see my first four games on tape first. That's part of the process I guess and since I've never really started before, that makes sense. I'm pretty sure they'll offer unless I go out and have a bad season. And I don't plan on that."

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