UofL - UK Post Game Quotes

Comments from Bobby Petrino, Rich Brooks and others

Louisville Head Coach Bobby Petrino

"That was a heck of a ball game, especially in the second half. I was really happy with the way our players came and opened the game up. We were well prepared, had a lot of energy and started the game the way you are supposed to start it. Our defense played really well in the second half, created turnovers and got the offense a short field. I would have liked to get that field goal right at the end of the half. It ended up being an important one not to get, so that's something we can't do. In the second half, obviously we didn't play as well as we wanted to. But you certainly have to give Kentucky a lot of credit. They had players jumping up, making plays, (Andre) Woodson throwing the ball over the place. They did a nice job. Defensively, they tackled better and ran to the ball better. It was a good football game. We're certainly happy with the victory. That's how rivalry games are supposed to be and we felt like, coming in here, it was going to be a great battle. So, we're certainly to get out of here with a W."

On his view of Woodson's fumble on the one-yard line:
"I didn't have any view of it at all. I couldn't see it at all. We had a blitz called and they checked to a quarterback run. Brandon (Johnson) got over there and that's all I saw. I never did see it on replay or anything else."

On if the close game was good for his team:
"This is great for us. We understand we've got to get back to work and really work hard on our conditioning. That might have played into it, I don't know. We didn't look tired, but we certainly didn't make the same plays we made in the first half. It could be the best thing that ever happened to us. We'll just get back, work hard all week long. This coming week, since we have a bye, we'll go back to camp and work hard on our individual technique and fundamentals. We'll do some preparation for the Oregon State game, but mostly work on getting better ourselves."

On how his team responded when the game got close in the fourth quarter:
"I thought they did a pretty good job. You know, there was a lot of emotion on the sideline, a lot of excitement on the sideline. It was nice to see our offensive line come out ... I was really happy the way Michael (Bush) ran at the end of the game because that is something we've been working hard on, getting the tough yards and the physical yards. He pushed the pile a couple times real well and broke that last one for a touchdown. Broderick (Clark) lined up wrong. He is supposed to be on the line of scrimmage and wasn't on the line of scrimmage, so it got called back."

On what to take away from this game:
"I think we have to learn from it. We feel like we came in very well prepared, played real well early and then we have to find out why we weren't as successful in the second half. But, again, I want to make sure that everybody understands I thought Kentucky played real well and made a lot of plays in the second half. You certainly can't take anything away from him."

On defensive end Elvis Dumervil's performance:

"Six sacks, Elvis (Dumervil) has done a great job. He's very difficult to block in pass. He's got long arms, he's short, he's very quick. I know you watch our offensive lineman when they come up on a pass play in practice and look over and see Elvis there, you can just see them go, `Oh, no, I have to block him again.' He's so difficult. He's got arms like he's a seven footer and he's able to get his arms out on the offensive lineman before the guy gets set and he knows leverage very well. I bet he would have been a good wrestler."

Kentucky Head Coach Rich Brooks
"First of all on the injuries, Arliss Beach had some tendonitis in his knee and was looking pretty good and he made a good run on a trap play to get us down into touchdown territory. B. Jay Parsons has a fracture in his thumb, but they splinted it up and it's not displaced. He played the whole second half with it. Glenn Holt obviously took pretty good spill and had whiplash on the field. He'll have an MRI and at this point, we don't feel it's serious, but it was scary for a little while. He has full movement and he never lost feeling. He just had some tingling."

"I don't know if Andre Woodson was down or not. From my perception, it looked like he was. I just don't understand why we have instant reply if we don't look at a pivotal play in the game like that. All we have to do is look at it. Obviously, there are some wrinkles with instant replay. I'm just bothered why we wouldn't stop and look at it at that stage of the game."

"We're a young team and we played like it. You can't beat a good football team by fumbling the ball three times and turning it over to them. We made some mistakes, obviously. We sent Raymond Fontaine in for a sub in the fourth quarter to get Johnny Williams out and then we switch and go to dime and Raymond's not on dime and he stayed in there and that's my fault on the sideline. Blame me. At least we had a chance to get the ball back and have some time on the clock and have an opportunity to win the game and that took that opportunity away."

"We knew Louisville was a good, physical team up front. They ran ball a little better than I'd like to have seen them. I think we did hold them from making a lot of big plays and I'm encouraged defensively from that standpoint. We played lot of young players. I only hope we can learn from this game and get better. It just makes me sick to my stomach that we were close to doing something that would have been very significant and again, we come up just short on it. We had our chances."

"The defense rose to the occasion, particularly in fourth quarter. We made several stops and we had the partially blocked punt. That was a great chance for us to take it in there and we came up short. So give us some credit. They're a good football team."

"I think played them well enough to win the game but we can't give up three turnovers, two leading directly to touchdowns. And again, that's `you live by the sword, die by the sword'. We made some plays that we didn't make last year. Our receivers made some very good catches and we showed that we might have a little life in the running game. We still had too many negative plays. You can't do that against a good football team."

"I'm very frustrated. Like I said, we had an opportunity to do something pretty significant for this group of players and U of L is a heck of a team. They did a lot of great things against us, but we did some good against them. Now we're going to find out exactly what we're about. Do we roll over and play dead or do we go out and compete and try to make plays. I think we got the answer on the opening drive in the second half and we just kept coming back. I'm pleased that the players were able to do that and I think we can take something away from this game, but I'm not a moral victory guy. I think you have to be able to see there are some better athletes on the field right now and we have a chance to get this thing going. We just have to go to the next week, work on those mistakes and see if can get in the win column."

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