Summer conditioning rewards Montavious Stanley

Senior defensive tackle Montavious Stanley was a force along the line during the Cardinals season-opening win over Kentucky. On Tuesday he visited with the media and answered questions about his performance, improvement and more.

In the Cardinals 31-24 win at Kentucky on Sunday, defensive tackle Montavious Stanley was second on the team with seven tackles. The senior from Albany, Georgia, helped limit the Wildcat ground game to a dismal 47 total yards in the season-opening win. On Tuesday, he visited with the media and talked about the win, as well as what they need to do to improve.

You had a good game and were all over the field. Does that come from all the summer workouts you did?

"Yes sir. All summer long we were conditioning and mentally preparing for the game - running to the ball and trying to make plays. Coach Wolthausen always tells me to imagine that I'm doing something everytime I'm on the field [working out], so it came kind of easy on Sunday night."

What did you think about Elvis Dumervil's six sack performance?

"I expect that out of him every time we play, because when we practice he dominates. He makes my job much easier."

What if he starts to get double-teamed?

"We are like a one-two punch. Both of us are coming as hard as we can on possibly every play. I think one of us would have a big game on any given day."

Stanley recorded 7 tackles, including
a sack against Kentucky

Talk about what your position, defensive tackle, is responsible for?

"Pretty much to collapse the pocket. Then the ends do their job to get to the passer and try to make him pull up and run into me or Amobi Okoye."

Talk about how far you've come since your freshman year and what things you've learned to help you get to where you are.

"Basically it was learning the details of my position and understanding that I need to play harder when I get tired. As a freshman, if I got tired and I would be done - coach would take me out of the game. Now I know how to play tired and I am consistantly learning more details about my position."

What do you guys want to work on during this week of practice?

"Finishing. We came out very strong in the beginning [of the UK game], but in the third and forth quarters we started to get complacent. We need to work on finishing the game."

Do you feel like you didn't do that against Kentucky?

"Kentucky made a lot of good plays, but we also look at ourselves. We look at our faults. Instead of looking at what they did good, we look at what we did wrong."

Is a win a win - are you just happy to be here with a win?

"Sometimes, but in rivalry games like that, a win is a win."

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