Cardinal defense ready to regroup

University of Louisville defensive coordinator Mike Cassity says he wants to see better tackling and execution from his squad against Florida Atlantic on Saturday.

Following the South Florida loss, a game in which the defense surrendered 355 yards of total offense, including 251 on the ground, Louisville defensive coordinator Mike Cassity said that the squad has had a great week of practice and our ready to regroup this weekend against Florida Atlantic.

Looking at the game film, what stood out to you as what went wrong in the South Florida game?

"Well, you take three plays for 150 plus yards and that hurts. Every play counts, so you can't give up those big plays. Obviously in that game, the big plays haunted us and we need to prevent those to be the type of defense that we need and want to be."

Is youth and inexperience part of what caused the mistakes?

"I don't know. I couldn't address that. We don't worry about youth and we don't worry about injuries. The guys we have are very capable and it is our job to coach them and get them to do what they are supposed to do."

What has the attitude of the defense been like following the loss?

"I think we have a a couple great work days. They have had a very positive attitude. I think everybody was hurting after the game, but you have to be able to turn the page and to be the type of football team that I know this group is, then I expect them to come out and regroup this Saturday."

After the loss, did you see increased competition among the players during practice?

"I think so. Anytime that you have a guy or two not play as well as they should play, then the next guy see's an opportunity. We are going to put our best players on the field regardless of year in school and regardless of how much they've played."

There are some injuries on defense. Are you preparing to play with a different starter if Okoye is unable to go?

"We won't make that determination until they tell us his status exactly. We are preparing - we are always be preparing - our depth. Our defensive line has a lot of depth and we've played a lot of guys, so if one can't go, then another one will step in his place."

Lamar Myles seems to be moving well, what is the status on his chance to play this weekend?

"He's been out here practicing and we are preparing as if he will be back."

In your eyes, what would be a good outing for the defense against Florida Atlantic?

"I just want us to, as a defense, regroup and tackle well, execute responsibilities and then let the chips fall where they will."

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