Postgame react: Montrell Jones

Senior receiver started the game with a 32-yard reception and finished the 69-14 win over North Carolina with a team-high 5 catches for 86 yards. Read what the Louisville Male High School product had to say shortly after the Cardinals 4th win of the season.

Senior receiver Montrell Jones led the team with five receptions and 86 receiving yards in the No. 19 Cardinals 69-14 win over North Carolina on Saturday.

On expecting such a big game.

"We came out and executed in practice this week and we executed, offensively and defensively, in the game. I think when this team executes in all phases of the game, I really think we're a good football team."

You really helped the team start quickly, was there something that you saw on your side of the field that you could take advantage of?

"Personally, I didn't see anything that was going with North Carolina, but coach did tell Brohm to kind of look over there."

Going into West Virginia, does this type of game set you up well or would you have liked to have had a tougher game?

"No, anytime that you can play good offensively and defensively and put up the numbers we did, it's always good no matter what the situation is. North Carolina came in and I didn't expect the score to be like it is, but like I said, when this team executes offensively and defensively the sky is the limit for this team. What we have to do now is execute again in practice for a full week and get ready for tough West Virginia team, which is a conference game."

Jones is averaging over 15 yards
per reception through five games

How big of a game is the West Virginia game for you guys?

"It's big. It's one of the highlights on the schedule. We'll play in a hostile enviroment and it ought to be a good game."

Have you seen them play?

"I've had a chance to watch them a little bit on t.v., but personally sitting down and breaking down film on them, I haven't really had a chance to do that yet, but that's what I'm going to be doing for the next couple days."

What did you think about them when you saw them on t.v.?

"Physical team and as West Virginia always is, they are going to run the ball hard and the defense is going to play hard. I'm looking forward to being a good game."

Talk about the fast start that team had against UNC?

"That is something that we've lacked in the last couple games. Even though the score has indicated victory, we want to come out and execute early because we haven't been doing that on offense the last couple of games, so we wanted to come out and set the tone early. We had a chance to do that with some big plays early and everything worked out."

When the team plays this good, does it make you regret South Florida even more?

"No, it doesn't really make us regret South Florida. South Florida was a football game that we didn't execute and when we don't execute we hurt ourselves and the game can go any kind of way."

In terms of nationally, do you look at West Virginia as an opportunity to get back any respect that you lost at South Florida?

"It's not about getting respect back, it's about playing the game of football and trying to come out and execute each game to continue to win football games. We can only take it one game at a time."

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