Its Been a Long Journey For Franklin

Orlando Franklin has not taken the most conventional route to get to where he is today. The big 6-foot-6 LT talks about his relocation from Jamaica and Canada. He also talks about his teams season and recruiting. Read on for more.

Orlando Franklin has come a long way to get to where he is today. The 6-foot-6 300 pound left tackle from Atlantic High School was born in Jamaica, moved to Canada and then on to Florida about a year ago.

Last year Franklin was not eligible to play high school football in Florida, making this his first season in the states. His Atlantic High team is 6-2 heading into the playoffs and Franklin says he is on the top of his game.

"I feel like I'm playing great right now." Says Franklin.

However, he said the transition from Canada to Florida didn't come easy.

"Everything is faster here." Adding, "In Canada we didn't practice everyday, so conditioning is much also more important here."

Now that he has been here for over a year he is also used to the heat.

"The heat was bad in the beginning but now I don't notice it. Another thing I was used to doing was playing on Saturday's rather than after school on a Friday."

Franklin has also been getting a lot of attention from colleges. He has 12 offers from division one schools. As of now he does not have a top team but he does have seven that he is considering.

In no specific order they are; Miami, FSU, Louisville, Texas, Minnesota, UF and Oklahoma.

"I haven't narrowed them down in order but I will once the season is over."

He also has not made an official visit, but he plans to once he has his top 5.

"When the season is over, I will talk it over with my mom and then my coaches." Franklin said, "I thought I wanted to stay in Florida but now I'm also looking outside the state."

He said that academics, tradition and playing time are all important, but graduating is what he wants to do.

"I'm going to school to graduate. It's very important to me and my family that I get my diploma."

As of now Franklin is not qualified to play, but he is taking all the necessary steps to get there. He took the SAT about a month ago and is waiting on the results. He also has a 2.4 but it is moving up, and he is taking seven core classes this year because that is what the colleges count when the GPA is calculated.

Overall, he seemed confident his grades and scores will be acceptable. It will be interesting to see who makes his top 5 when the season is over. I have a feeling he will have all three Florida schools in there even though he's now looking outside the state. Look for another update on him in about a month or so.

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