Harvey back, Palacios not far behind

Louisville coach Rick Pitino said Friday that 6-4 freshman guard Bryan Harvey has rejoined the team and would play in Saturday night's Red-White scrimmage. Fans will also get a chance to see 6-11 David Padgett for the first time tonight, and Pitino indicated that Juan Palacios might return sooner than expected.

Bryan Harvey has rejoined the University of Louisville basketball squad and will play Saturday night in the second Red-White scrimmage of the pre-season.

U of L coach Rick Pitino said last week after the Cardinals game against Bellarmine that Harvey had been suspended and wouldn't return to the team until he straightened out some classroom issues.

Apparently, it didn't take Harvey long to get the message and make amends with his academics.

"He's back on the team," Pitino said. "He's been practicing the past three days. He's not out of the woods academically, but he's not failing out of school, either. He's making progress."

Pitino said he hopes to see continued improvement from his team on defense during Saturday night's scrimmage.

"I'm looking for defensive improvement," Pitino said. "Our offense is fine."

Pitino also said that two of his freshmen, small forward Terrence Williams and point guard Andre McGee – are showing signs of improvement on defense.

"Terrence Williams is getting it (defensively)," said Pitino. "He's starting to understand. Andre is also starting to get it, but he's using his hands too much."

Fans who attend Saturday's Red-White scrimmage will also get to see 6-foot-11 center David Padgett for the first time this season. Padgett injured his foot and returned to practice last week. And, Pitino sounded hopeful that 6-foot-8 forward Tello Palacios, might return from injury in time for the Cardinals second game, if not sooner.

"David Padgett has been 100 percent for a week," said Pitino. "So he's playing. Tello is close. He's probably not going to play against TN-Martin, although I think there is an outside shot. But I think it's realistic he could play in the second game of the season."

Beisdes Padgett and Palacios, Pitino said his team has been banged up during recent practices.

"Besides Tello and David, we've had major injuries," Pitino said. "Chad Millard has missed 60 percent of our practices. Terrence Farley has been out. Brad Gianiny, Terrence Williams, and Andre McGee have been out."

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