U of L 'surprises' Campbell during visit

Spruce Creek (Fla.) High School prospect Jeremy Campbell has made three official visits, including this past weekend's trip to Louisville for the Rutgers game, and has just one remaining before he sits down with his family to make a decision

Spruce Creek (Fla.) High School linebacker Jeremy Campbell has now completed three of his official visits, returning from a trip to Louisville on Sunday evening.

"The visit went real well," said Jeremy's father Mark. "We were real surprised by some of the things we saw. Having never been there and hearing about how the campus was near downtown we were curious if it would feel like a real campus. Once we got there it felt like a traditional campus."

"The athletic department there is nice and definitely on the rise," he continued. "The game was awesome. They are a well-coached team."

Campbell, who has already taken official visits with Clemson and Purdue, wasn't expected to make a decision during his trip to Louisville, but according to his father, it could come before the end of the year.

"We still have our visit to Kansas on December 16," he said. "We are capping our visits at four, so after the Kansas trip we will sit down and discuss the pros and cons of each place. Academics aren't going to be a factor in his decision, so we will want to figure out which one best suit his interests."

The 6-foot-2, 210-pound Campbell will begin action on the hardwood on Monday as his team's starting power forward.

Cornerback Bobby Buchanan hosted Campbell during his visit to Louisville.

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