Start against UT-Martin a surprise to Farley

Following Louisville's 78-61 win over UT-Martin, sophomore center Terrance Farley said he was surprised when he heard Sean Moth announce his name during the introductions of the team's starting lineups

How did it feel to receive the start at center against UT-Martin?

"It was amazing playing in front of all these people. I wasn't really expecting that tonight. I wouldn't say that I was playing well in practice the last few days, but I always go hard."

When did you find out you'd be starting?

"I didn't really have a clue until they said my name at the beginning of the game. I didn't really know until then because Coach P never has anyone set in stone in the lineup. Anyone could fall out of the [starting] position at any time."

How do you feel you played against UT-Martin?

"I played alright. I could have played better by getting a lot more rebounds. I'm glad for my team and how they picked up where I was lacking."

Talk about the performance of your former Pleasure Ridge Park High School teammate Jeremy Kelly who scored 31 points.

"Jeremy played really good and he's a good guy too. His game has never changed and that's how I expected him to play. I told all my teammates that he played the same way in high school and that's amazing."

How has Juan Palacios returning to practice helped you?

"That gave us all so much more confidence. He picks up a lot of things that we are lacking in as a team without him. When we need an offensive rebound, Tello is there. When we need a defensive rebound, Tello is there. If we need to score, Tello is there. Having him back is a big boost for our confidence as a team."

How does it feel to finally get the regular season underway?

"The day before [the game] our coaches were talking about how we didn't seem to excited for the game, but when we got out here today we were alright. We were ready to play a real game because we were getting tired of looking at each other's faces in practice everyday."

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