Petrino not optimistic that Bush will play

Louisville head coach Bobby Petrino said during his Monday afternoon press conference that the outlook for Michael Bush, as well as redshirt freshman receiver Mario Urrutia, playing against Syracuse on Saturday isn't promising

The Cardinals open week came at a time when the U of L football trainers were busy working with a handful of banged up players, including a few that hope to return to action this Saturday against Syracuse.

"We had a lot of guys sit out of practice last week," U of L head coach Bobby Petrino said during his Monday afternoon press conference. "Michael Bush did not practice last week, nor did Mario [Urrutia]. [Jeremy] Darveau probably could have practiced last Friday, but we were being a little cautious with that. He did go last night and did well. Breno Giacomini also did not practice last week. He has an ankle [injury] that he played with in the game, but it swelled up on him after the game. He did get some work in last night, but was limited."

While the outlook for Giacomini and Darveau is promising for this weekend, the news regarding junior All-American candidate Michael Bush and redshirt freshman receiver Mario Urrutia wasn't.

"As for Michael being ready I'm not overly optimistic," said Petrino. "It's kind of a situation where he gets better with rest and then you go out and push it and then the inflammation and the swelling comes back. He's going to continue to work hard at it."

The response was similar when Petrino was asked about Urrutia's game day status.

Urrutia has 608 receiving yards and
5 touchdowns on the year
"I'm not sure on Mario," he said of Urrutia. "He did get a little twist on the knee when he was on the ground – a guy actually grabbed it and twisted it. The injury that he had looks good, the medial collateral – but there has been some swelling in the front, which is not a major injury, it's just a matter of coming back from the swelling and the pain. He looks good when goes out and runs and for him it's the change in directions."

Bush, who has rushed for 928 yards in eight games and is currently spending the majority of his time in the pool or riding the stationary bike, has ran a few times for the training staff and has looked improved while doing so.

"He has been out running and he does a pretty good job going straight ahead, but when we push to start cutting and changing directions and while he looks going doing it, it what happens afterwards," explained Petrino. "It's something we will have to wait and see. We still have a little bit of time, but the clock is getting a little closer."

The clock the third-year head coach is referring to is the limited amount of practice time remaining before Syracuse visits this weekend.

"He would need practice because this is much different than the last time," he continued. "This would be three weeks of practice that he has missed, so he would have to practice to be able to go in this game. It's been an extended period of time now."

Watching from the sidelines for a second game is something that Petrino knows is upsetting to the Louisville Male High School product.

"It's frustrating on him. He is certainly doing everything that he can to get back on the field. It's an injury that when you are that big that I think it makes it harder to come back from."

Louisville will host Syracuse this Saturday at 3:30 p.m. at Papa John's Cardinal Stadium, with ESPNU set to televise the No. 18 Cardinals final home game of the 2005 season.

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