Is Justin Roper nearing a decision? three-star quarterback Justin Roper has completed visits with each of his favorites and he spoke with Inside The Ville about the difficulty of making a decision, when he anticipates making that decision and more

Prior to making an official visit with Duke last weekend, Buford (GA) High School quarterback Justin Roper indicated that he could make his college decision shortly after his return from Durham, N.C. Inside The Ville spoke with the three-star quarterback on Wednesday and discovered that Roper is having a difficult time choosing from among his trio of favorites.

"My favorites are still Duke, Louisville and Oregon," he said. "It's a very difficult decision to make. I'll be at school and people will come up and ask me where I'm going and I tell them that I really don't know. It's tough. I may have to flip a coin."

Roper, who has made multiple trips to Louisville and took an official visit with Oregon nearly a month ago, said that his latest trip to Duke left a strong impression.

"The trip to Duke was great," he said. "It wasn't a game weekend, so I was able to spend more time with the coaches. I've been there before to see them play, so it was a positive to be able to talk with the coaches more this time."

While he continues to struggle with a decision, the 6-foot-7, 195-pounder says that his most important factor will be his relationship with his future quarterbacks coach.

"The number one thing is the quarterbacks coach," he explained. "He's the one that I will be spending most of my time with and will be the one that helps me improve the most. All three of my favorites have good coaches and they all like to throw the ball."

Throwing the ball is also something that Roper is looking forward to doing on the college level. Despite having a nice arm and a strong pocket presence, Roper directed an offense that was dominated by the run and the thought of leading a pass-oriented offense is something that he's excited about.

"I've never been a gunslinger because of the offense that our team has had," he said. "It's pretty exciting to know that it will different in college."

While Roper was clear that there isn't a leader among his remaining favorites, he does hope to come to a decision before the new year.

"I'm probably going to try to make a decision by the end of next week," he said.

Hopefully it won't come to the toss of a coin.

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