Cards in better shape with Koufos after visit

Kosta Koufos' said his most recent unofficial visit to Louisville improved the Cardinals chances to land his services. Koufos had some interesting things to say about his first experience in Freedom Hall, his post-game conversation with Rick Pitino and his meeting with another Top 25 prospect during his visit.

Kosta Koufos had been to Louisville a time or two before his unofficial visit Saturday for the Cardinals game against Akron. Hence, the mission of his latest visit wasn't to learn more about the Cardinals, it was to continue to build a comfort level with a school who stands a very good chance to land his services.

"The visit did help them (Louisville)," Koufos said. "It was the first time I've taken an unofficial visit to a game, and it helped make me feel more comfortable with Louisville."

When asked about the game, Koufos was immediately able to accurately pinpoint the score. Koufos said he got a good feel for Louisville on game day, and came away impressed with the Cardinal fans in attendance.

"It was a good experience," Koufos said. "Freedom Hall is a beautiful place, they've got great alumni, and the atmosphere is unbelievable."

On his previous trip to Louisville, Koufos was able to tour the Cardinals facilities and get a feel for the campus. Saturday, he got a chance to interact with some of the Louisville players, and had an important conversation with Rick Pitino.

"After the game I talked with Taquan Dean and David Padgett," Koufos said. "And I talked with Coach Pitino one-on-one. He talked about what he can do for me as a player if I came there and how I would fit into his system."

Ohio State certainly will be a major factor in Koufos' ultimate decision. However, when all is said and done, it appears Louisville has as good a chance to land Koufos' services as anyone.

"Louisville has always been one of my top favorites," Koufos said. "They're one of the top programs in the country, and they went to the Final Four last year. Louisville has got a great chance. They've done everything right during my recruiting process, and they have a great recruiting class coming in. And that's important to me."

Koufos also met Oak Hill junior guard Nolan Smith, another Top 25 prospect that made an unofficial visit to U of L's game this weekend.

"He's a real nice guy," said Koufos. "He's a Top 25 prospect, and it would be nice to play with any top recruits."

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