Quotable: Brian Brohm

Louisville sophomore quarterback Brian Brohm, who is out for the season with a torn ACL, visited with media during halftime of the school's basketball game on Tuesday night and discussed his rehad, the upcoming Gator Bowl, being honored as Big East Conference Offensive Player of the Year and more.

Louisville quarterback Brian Brohm, who suffered a season-ending ACL injury during the Cardinals final home game of the 2005 regular season - a 41-17 win over Syracuse - visited with the media on Tuesday evening.

The recent Big East Conference Offensive Player of the Year honoree finished his second season with the Cardinals with 2,883 yards and 19 touchdowns. He was named the league's Offensive Player of the Week four times this season.

What's the timing on your recovery?

"Right now full recovery is six months. Hopefully I'll be off crutches in about a week or so. From there we will take it one day at a time."

What were your thoughts of Hunter Cantwell in the UConn game?

"I thought the team did a real good job. Hunter came in and played confident and executed the offense fairly well. The team rallied around him and made some plays for him. Our guys looked pretty comfortable out there with him. We have confidence going into the Gator Bowl and hopefully we can go out there and get a victory."

What's the last month been like for you?

"It was real difficult at first when I realized that I wasn't going to be able to play for the rest of the season, but I'm pretty positive right now that I'll be back next year to start in August practice at full speed. Right now I'm just trying to work hard."

Is the most difficult thing knowing that you can't play in the Gator Bowl?

"It's definitely hard watching the team play. It's a little different watching the guys play and not being able to be out there to help them. I'll be at the Gator Bowl on the sidelines. Definitely the most difficult part is seeing the guys out there and not being able to play, but I know I'll be back in August."

What have you passed along to Hunter Cantwell?

"During the UConn week [I told him] that he knows he can do it and is very capable of going out there and running the offense and that you don't have to try to do anything spectacular. Just go out there and execute the offense as coach told him and that's what he went out there and did and he did a good job of it."

Brohm carted off the field after
tearing his ACL against Syracuse
What do you remember about the play when you were injured?

"I knew it was hurt pretty bad instantly. It was a play where someone came free pretty early and tried to run to get a first down – it was third and nine – and I was right there, about one yard away from the first down. The guy kind of horse collared me, my foot stuck in the ground and my knee twisted. I could feel that pop and I knew that something wasn't right."

Did you think the injury was as bad as it was right away?

"I pretty much knew that something wasn't right, because I had never felt something like that with my knee. I was obviously hoping that I'd get back in there. Doc didn't tell me right away, but I think he knew that it was torn. I was trying to walk it off, but I knew that I had never felt that before and it hurt pretty bad."

How do you bounce back mentally?

"That's kind of my nature with everything. I don't let anything get me down and when something happens I put in the past and look to the future. The first few days I was pretty down about it because I knew that I wouldn't get to play the rest of the year. Now I'm looking forward to getting my knee back in shape and get ready to start in August."

What do you think of the team's chances against Virginia Tech?

"I think we have a good chance. Our guys seem pretty confident. Virginia Tech is obviously a very good team and they were in the national title race for quite awhile. They have some good players and I think our guys will come out fired up and ready to play."

Have you talked with other players that have torn their ACL and have they given you advice on rehab?

"Basically the guys that I've talked to are Matt Sanders, who tore his ACL about three or four times and Broderick Clark, who tore his ACL, they are will me in the training room every day, so I'm seeing those guys go through their rehab and walking around. Matt's been through it a few times and he told that after his second one his leg was stronger than ever, so maybe I'll get to that point to where my knee is in better shape then it was."

How much longer will you be on crutches?

"They aren't real sure right now, maybe another week or so, but as soon as I can walk around without them I'll get rid of them."

Talk about how it felt to receive the Big East Conference Offensive Player of the Year Award.

"It's a great honor to be voted on by the coaches as Big East player of the year. It's a great feeling. I think a lot of guys were recognized because we have a potent offense and getting that award is directly related to how many guys on the team that were [named] first team [All-Conference]. Guys helped me out all year; we have a great o-line, a great running game, so my job was pretty easy. I just tried to make the right decisions and not try to do too much."

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