Rodney Gnat checks out Cards bowl prep

Jacksonville native and Louisville commit Rodney Gnat talked with and shared his thoughts on the Gator Bowl, his play in the recent Florida North-South All-Star game and more.

Have you had an opportunity to watch Louisville practice since the team arrived in Jacksonville?

"I actually went and watched them practice the first two days. They look pretty confident. I think they are going to win. I haven't been able to talk to any of the players though, but they look ready to go."

What are your impressions on how the defensive line has looked during practice?

"They look pretty solid on the defensive line. A couple of them are older guys and are on their way out, so they seem to be really going hard. I get to watch them pretty close up both days and they've been looking real good."

Who are you taking to the game with you?

"My brother and my mom are going with me."

You played in the Florida North-South All-Star game last weekend. How did you do in the game?

"We lost 34-11. I had 1 sack, 5 tackles for a loss and a forced fumble. A couple other guys that we in the game with said that they are going to Louisville in Latarrius Thomas and Johnny Patrick. I had a locker next to both of them, so we talked about [Louisville] a lot."

What were your impressions of how Patrick and Thomas played?

"While we were practicing just watching them catch balls and seeing Johnny run and play defense was exciting because they could be my roommates next year. It was pretty exciting to be there with those two."

What are your plans during the off-season plans to help your prepare for freshman year as a Cardinal?

"I'm just going to lift weights and run until they send me a workout plan. When I get that I'll try to get close as possible as to be where the coaches want to be me for when I get up there."

While the BCS is always the goal, did the possibility of playing in a bowl game in your home town play a part in your decision to come to Louisville?

"It crossed my mind, but it wasn't really a part of my decision. Louisville was actually the first school to start recruiting me during my junior year and they were the first to offer and when I went on my visit I just felt comfortable up there, so I knew it was where I wanted to go."

What will be like for you to be at a game as a fan and not as a player?

"It'll be kind of weird because Marcus Vick is one of my favorite players in college football. It's going to be fun to watch how he plays and how the defense plays against him. It's going to be a fun game to watch."

With the Gator Bowl just a few days away, what is the atmosphere in Jacksonville now?

"Everybody that I've been talking to are excited about this game. Some of them don't know what to expect with Louisville because they don't know much about them yet. Virginia Tech has been here before, so everyone knows what they are like. A lot of people are still finding out that I'm going to Louisville, so they are excited for me."

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