Gator Bowl post-game player comments

Louisville defensive end Elvis Dumervil and Virginia Tech quarterback Marcus Vick talk about the Vick's controversial actions during the first half of the Toyota Gator Bowl.

Nate Harris

"We came out with a lot of enthusiasm and played hard all the way through the fourth quarter. It came down to some big plays at the end and we had some bad penalties that hurt us. Overall, I thought we played hard as a group. Emotions got really high there at the end of the first half and the coaches told us all to calm down and just focus on playing football."

Gary Barnidge

(On his touchdown catch) "The play wasn't drawn up for the tight end, but the Tech defense didn't cover me and Hunter saw it and did a great job of getting me the ball."

Joshua Tinch

"We had a couple of mistakes down the stretch and that cost us the game. Tech is a great team and they put a lot of pressure on an offense. We felt like we could move the ball and we were able to, but they made a few more plays than us at the end."

"They're a hard hitting football team and they're all about effort on defense. They remind me of the Steelers because they will get after you out there."

Montrell Jones

Not having Brian Brohm and a player of his caliber is certainly going to have an impact on a game, but I had all of the confidence in the world in Hunter Cantwell and I thought he did a great job today. He was bleeding all over his mouthpiece and was really getting knocked around. In all my years of playing football I've never seen that kind of thing."

Marcus Vick

(On why he stepped on All-American Elvis Dumervil) "Elvis, yeah I talked to him, you know. It was an accidental play and so I didn't mean to do it on purpose. I went over to apologize to him and everything's good. Football is football."

Elvis Dumervil

(On Vick's actions) "I thought he was a person with more character than that. That was a real cheap shot. I was pretty upset at the moment, but I have good teammates that got me out of there and I cooled off."

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