Quotable: Bryan Harvey

Freshman Bryan Harvey talks about the 81-58 win win over UC-Davis, the Big East Conference and more

(Bryan Harvey Profile) Freshman Bryan Harvey scored 5 points, while also grabbing 4 rebounds in 14 minutes of action against UC-Davis on Monday night. Following the 81-58 win, the Compton, California native visited with InsideTheVille.com and talked about the progress he's made on the defensive end of the floor, the Big East Conference and more.

Talk about the progress that you've made since the start of the season?

"I've been getting more playing time as the season goes on. It's just about me being more enthusiastic and playing harder and doing what Coach Pitino asked me to do. If you do those things then you can play for him."

Do you feel that you have improved on the defensive end of the court?

"I think I've come a long ways since I got here. When I first started practicing here it was about me learning how to play defense, because I didn't know anything about playing it on the collegiate level. Coach has helped me along the way in practice everyday. I've been working as hard as I can and I feel like I am becoming an alright defender."

Are you becoming more comfortable playing in front of the Freedom Hall crowd?

"You still get the butterflies playing in front of all those people. It's tough for a freshmen not to have them and I'm sure there are seniors that feel the same way."

What did it mean for you guys to play like you did with Taquan Dean on the bench?

"Of course we always want Taquan to play, but we wanted to go out and show everyone that we can be a great team even when he's not in the game. We need Taquan, but we have a lot of talent on this team and if we play together we can be a great team."

Now that the team has two league games behind them, what is your impression on the Big East Conference?

"It's a very tough league. I don't think there is any team in the Big East that is going to dominate the conference, because it is so tough. We are going to keep getting better and see how it goes for us as the season goes on."

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