Zach Meagher will make weekend visit

Louisville tight end commit Zach Meagher will make his official visit with the Cardinals this weekend. The four-star prospect spoke with on Tuesday evening about the progress of his rehab from an ACL injury, the possibility of playing as a true freshman and more.

This isn't the type of off season that Louisville commit Zach Meagher had hoped for. The 6-foot-5, 245-pound tight end of Cincinnati's Glen Este High School wanted to spend the time preparing to join the Cardinal football program this fall, but has instead spent the time rehabbing from an ACL injury suffered during his team's final game of the season.

Prior to his December 1st surgery, Meagher had been given a recovery time of 3 to 4 months and now, just six weeks into his rehab, the four-star prospect reports that things are better then expected.

"It's going great," Meagher told on Tuesday evening. "I'm already walking without a brace. They told me that I should be running in another five weeks. I'm ahead of schedule right now."

After a painful first couple weeks, the ability to once again lift weights and seeing progress from his work has fueled the quick recovery time.

"The first week or two was real bad, but now that I'm lifting weights it is starting to feel good again," he said. "Right now I'm lifting weights, trying to get the muscle around my knee back in shape. It got real small after my rehab because of the laying around I had to do, so I'm doing some things for movement and trying to get weight back on it."

Cardinal defensive coordinator Mike Cassity was also pleased with the current pace of Meagher's recovery.

"Coach Cassity was here last Friday and he seemed real happy with how everything is coming along," said Meagher. "They seem happy because it's coming along faster than a lot of people expected."

The Ohio News Network 1st Team All-State selection said that despite the injury, the possibility of playing as a true freshman still exists.

"Coach Cassity kind of emphasized not redshirting me," continued Meagher. "They'd like for me to come down there and try to work my way in the rotation. I'm coming along to the point to where I'll be 100% back to normal by June 1st. It will be like I never had the injury."

This weekend Meagher will make the short drive south to the River City for his official visit.

"I'm taking my official visit there this Friday," said Meagher, who plans on studying pre-med at U of L. "I want to learn more about the academic side of things. When I went there on an unofficial visit I was able to see all the dorms and they talked about the academics briefly, so I want to learn more about that this time and I also want to talk to the players."

As a senior, Meagher helped guide Glen Este to a 9-2 record, recording 17 catches for 300 yards.

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