Louisville's the place for Bobby Petrino

Cardinal head coach Bobby Petrino talked about the coaching rumors that surfaced during the thick of the recruiting season...

Shortly following the Cardinal's appearance in the Toyota Gator Bowl, rumors began swirling about Louisville head coach Bobby Petrino taking another job. First it was Michigan - which was short-lived - and then it was with the NFL's Oakland Raiders.

On Wednesday, while visiting with members of the media to discuss the newest class of Cardinals, Petrino said the rumors didn't effect the program's recruiting efforts.

"No it wasn't really (a distraction)," said Petrino, who learned of a newspaper article linking him with the open position with the Raiders while on a recruiting trip that included a stop in Birmingham to visit Deantwan Whitehead.

Petrino, who is entering his fourth year as the Cardinals head coach released a statement last month expressing his intentions to stay at U of L, again reiterated his desire to continue to lead the Cardinal program.

"This is the place that I want to be," he said. "This is the place where I am going to be. I think that I have looked the players in the eyes, and the recruits in the eyes, and they understand that. My family understands it and we are really excited about it."

When asked if the frequent rumors regarding his future with Louisville were frustrating, Petrino said that it was the frequency of the media inquiries on the topic that causes the most frustration.

"It's frustrating when you guys keep asking questions about it," he said, drawing laughter from the media attending the press conference. "I'll tell you what's frustrating. When you go play in a bowl game and you're players put out it on the line and you feel good about and then that night you get a phone call about a job that's not even open. How many times can you say that this is where you want to be?"

Landing the program's highest-ever rated recruiting class should provide adequate evidence that Petrino is continuing with his goal of winning a national championship at Louisville.

"If you are going to set a goal, the first thing you have to do is verbalize it," Petrino said. "That is what our goal is and I think we are getting closer. I think we have a tremendous amount of hard work to do to get there, but our players believe that is what they are working for."

"We're not going to be shy about it or be afraid of it," continued Petrino. "We certainly know it's a great challenge, but it's in our reach. I really believe it's in our reach."

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