Petrino comments on 2006 signees

Louisville coach Bobby Petrino talks about his outstanding 2006 recruiting class. The class includes 24 signees and finished just short of the Top 25, coming in No. 26 on the national team rankings.

Louisville coach Bobby Petrino on:

Deantwan Whitehead "We all know he's very highly recruited. He's got an opportunity to come in here and contribute right away. That' one of the reasons he chose the University of Louisville is so that he could come in and have an opportunity to play immediately, and hopefully, have some impact."

Jeremy Baker "He's a defensive tackle/offensive tackle. He played both ways. When you turn the video on and watch him he looks like Ted Washington playing out there at nose guard. He's a very big man that can move real well. We'll start him off on the defensive side of the ball, also knowing that he would be a great offensive lineman."

Jeff Adams "He's a defensive lineman/offensive lineman. When we watched him it was amazing how much effort he played with and how well he ran to the football. He's another guy that we would start off inside on defense – I really believe that he has the movement and effort to play there. But he's also a very good offensive tackle. We're really excited to get him. He's a guy that can really run."

L.T. Walker "He's a defensive tackle who was a very highly recruited young man. I thought our coaches did a great job building a relationship with him. He has great movement and good explosion. When you watch him on video, he reminds you a lot of Montavious Stanley. We have a need inside. We need someone to come in and contribute right away and he'll have an opportunity to help us right away."

Conrad Thomas "He reminds me a lot of Kurt Quarterman. He's a big guy that moves real well. He has long arms and actually played offensive tackle. He did a nice job on the edge and has very good feet. He does a good job of kick sliding. I see him right now as being in perfect position to fit in for Kurt when he departs a year from now. We really believe that our strong guard position needs someone that is very physical and big because normally you're going against a 300-pounder."

Aundre Henderson "We're very excited about getting him. I think it's real important for us to keep the best player in the city of Louisville here every year. I see him right in line with Michael Bush, Brian Brohm, Mario Urrutia and Earl Heyman and continue that tradition. His maturity would give him an opportunity to compete early for a spot to play. He's got an advantage that he'll be here all summer working out. He'll start working out with us right after he graduates from high school."

Kareem Crowell "He played both defensive and offensive tackle. He was another guy that was highly recruited. He did commit to another school early. We got him up here for a visit and he just felt real comfortable with all the players on campus. I think our players recruited him more than anybody else. We're excited about him."

Josh Hawkins "He's a guy we signed to come in January. He's a very good football player. He's big and can run. We're really excited about getting him."

Johnny Patrick "We're bringing him in as a wide receiver. He played more running back this year as a senior, and more receiver as a junior. He also could play corner. He is a legitimate fast track speed guy that moves real well with the ball underneath his arms. When you look at him, you're excited about what he can do with the football after he catches it. I see a lot of Harry Douglas in him as far as the speed and the separation that he can get."

Troy Pascley "He's a wide receiver that also played some free safety. He committed to us early and held to his commitment. A lot of Big Ten schools came after him. He had a great senior year. He put a great video together of his junior year and his workouts. He came down and visited us a lot and we're real close to the young man. He's a great young man that I know will be very successful here. He's very fast and a great punt and kick returner. We're really looking forward to getting him in here."

Latarrius Thomas "Latarrius is a young man that when you sit down and talk to him the first time you meet him you fall in love with him. He has a great personality and he's a joy to be around. He always has a smile on his face. He came up here last summer and spent some time up here and we did a nice job recruiting him. He had a lot of opportunities. We were real happy that he made the decision to come here."

Josh Chichester "He's a guy that we recruited hard early then he committed to a different school. One of our coaches continued to call him each week to keep a relationship and he came down here late for a visit. We're real excited about getting him. Any time you get a guy on one side of the field that is 6-6, 220, and have an opportunity to put another big guy on the other side it will cause some problems for the defense."

Rodney Gnat "Right now he's 240-pounds. He played both outside linebacker and defensive end. He had an opportunity to go to a number of different schools. We held off a few schools that came in real late and tried to make a run on him. Whether he plays defensive end or outside linebacker is still yet to be seen. He pictures himself with his hand down because of his get off and the fun part of rushing the passer. But with his speed and agility he might be a SAM linebacker."

Brandon Heath "Brandon is a guy that we're looking for in the secondary. When you watch him play safety and the way he comes to run full speed, the way he delivers a blow, the way he plays the ball in the air, he would be a guy that would have an opportunity to contribute here early. I think that's something that excites him. He was highly recruited and it really came down to us and another Big East school. We're very fired up that he'll join us."

Anthony Allen "He's a big running back and very physical. He's shown the ability to separate and also to break tackles. He has good hands and we tell the entire team not to mess with Anthony. He's a black belt that's won about 200 trophies."

Eugene Sowell "He plays running back and linebacker. Eugene is a really fast running back. He's a guy that can go the distance, has great feet in the hole, and does a really nice job separating once he gets a little opening. I'm really fired up about the speed he possesses there. I just go back to a guy like Leroy Collins and the reason he played all the time was because every time he touched the ball he could go the distance. And I think that's something you can see here in Eugene."

Tyler Wimsatt "He played mostly quarterback as a senior. They did a lot of quarterback runs with him. As a junior, they lined him up a lot as a running back and tossed the ball to him, handed off to him. He's a guy that is very physical, likes to run over people, and likes the contact. He has the speed to go all the way and I think we're going to see a lot of good things from Tyler."

Zach Meagher "Zach's a guy that reminds me a lot of a receiving tight end. He's a guy that we want to get the ball to. He runs great routes, catches the ball, and adjusts his body and makes great catches. Unfortunately, he had a knee injury at midseason and had reconstruction. He's doing very well. He comes down about once a month. His rehab is going real well. It's a situation where we need to know in June or July where his knee is as to whether he would come in August or January. Hopefully, he'll be ready to go because I think he's a guy that could really come in and help our passing game from the tight end position and be our guy in motion."

Pete Nochta "He played quarterback in high school. We had him for a couple of our camps where he played tight end and did a real nice job of running and catching the ball. I think he could play defensive end. We'll start him out at tight end. He could be in the Breno Giacomini mold where he grows out of the position. He's got great size and good movement."

Hector Hernandez "Hector's a guy we were recruiting for a long time. He went out of the country for a month which stopped out ability to talk and recruit him. He came back and committed to another school in our conference and we were able to get him up here for a visit. He's a guy I think has unbelievable potential and has a really bright future. He's very athletic, plays the game with the attitude you need on the offensive front and has a frame that can put on much more weight."

Demetrius Culpepper "Demetrius is a guy that can play on the edge and rush the passer real well. He's very fast and very athletic. He's a really good basketball player. He can run and jump. He's an edge rusher and that's something you really have to look for to give you that speed. That puts a tremendous amount of pressure on the offensive tackle."

Ryan Kessling "He's really an aggressive football player. He's got the type of attitude and temperament you want. He's only 17 years old and we know he's going to get much bigger and stronger. He's a guy that will come in January."

Tyler Wolfe "We got late video on him. He throws the ball, has good movement in the pocket and can make the different throws that you want. I think he's a great find for us. We needed a quarterback after Lee Sweeny transferred. I think it's a great situation for Tyler to come in and get ready to redshirt and travel and be the third quarterback. He's kind of thin, but he'll get much bigger. He's a very good athlete and has good quickness. Hopefully, he does as well as that other quarterback we had from Baton Rouge."

Emanuel Francis "We've got him listed as an athlete. Emmanuel is a guy that reminds me a lot of Kerry Rhodes. He's been starting at quarterback since his sophomore year. He's a great leader and we could see his leadership in the way he interacted with the players on his visit. He could either be a quarterback or a safety. He's athletic to do one or the other. He does throw the ball very well and has very good movement. He'll join us in January."

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