Brohm focused on recovery

Louisville quarterback Brian Brohm is now four months into his recovery from a torn ACL and the junior is looking forward to the Cardinals upcoming spring practice...

While the road to recovery from a season ending injury is one that all athletes hope to avoid, it is one that many are forced to face. While Louisville junior quarterback Brian Brohm continues on his difficult journey back from a torn anterior cruciate ligament that he suffered during the Cardinals 41-17 win over Syracuse on November 26, the end does appear to be within sight.

"It's been difficult," said Brohm on Monday, adding that the most challenging part is now behind him. "The scar tissue in the knee the first part of the rehab was the most difficult, but it got easier as it went on."

While he had no preset timetable for 100% recovery, U of L head coach Bobby Petrino has been impressed by the progress of his junior quarterback.

"He's come along real well," said Petrino. "He's been dropping back and throwing twice a week for the past few weeks. He's way ahead of where I thought he'd be at this point."

While his arm has been getting a nice workout for the past few weeks, his mobility remains limited, keeping the Big East Conference's Offensive Player of the Year to just non-contact drills during the next few weeks of spring practice.

Brohm works out with
the receivers earlier this month
"I can do all the drop backs right now," explained Brohm. "My mobility is not as good and I'm not going to be able to run and get out of the way. I can drop back through and make those kind of throws."

With much of his practice routine likely to be spent with the U of L trainers, it will include time spent on the field working with the receivers and participating in skeleton drills.

"Right now I am going to be going through a few drills – routes and probably skelly," explained Brohm. "Hopefully get back in the rhythm of reading defenses and reading coverage's during the skelly period and just working on that part of the game."

For Brohm, returning to the practice field, despite being limited to non-contact drills, is another important step to his full recovery.

"I've been setting small goals here and there," said Brohm. "The first goal was to walk on it again and bend it again. Right now I'm just trying to get to the point to where I can run full speed and run really hard on it. That's really what I'm concentrating – trying to get to that point."

However, despite the limitations, the Louisville native knows that a lot can be accomplished over the course of spring practice.

"I think I can get a lot accomplished," he said. "Being able to get timing down with the receivers, being able to see different coverage's, being able to get back into the process of going up to the line and reading the coverage – seeing what the safeties and corners are doing. I'll be able to get back in the flow here during the spring."

Confident that he'll be fully recovered by the start of the 2006 season, Brohm hopes to be back at full strength by the start of summer workouts.

"I'm very confident that I'll be ready come the start of the season," he said. "It's just a matter of time of when I'm actually going to be ready. Hopefully it's by early summer so I can get out there and do all the drills with the guys."

After throwing for 2,800-yards and 19 touchdowns in ten games – nearly all of which were broadcast nationally - Brohm's name has surfaced as a potential Heisman Trophy candidate. However, Brohm says that his focus will remain on returning from the injury that sidelined him just over four months ago.

"I really don't want to focus on that to much," he said with a smile. "I think you have to go out there and perform and right now I'm trying to get my knee better and get back in playing shape. I'm just going to concentrate on that right now."

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