ITV Video: Caracter, Sosa in action

Exclusive video of the adidas Derby Classic Black team all-stars preparing for Saturday's game

The first video clip is of Derrick Caracter displaying his outside touch during the first few minutes of Thursday's adidas Kentucky Derby Festival Classic's practice session. The Cardinal signee connected on nine consecutive jumpers from three-point distance and we caught five of them.

  Derrick Caracter on fire

Watch Derrick Caracter run the floor and finish with a dunk in this second video. Watch closely as fellow U of L signee Edgar Sosa finishes with a flush of his own.

  Caracter runs the floor

Highlights from a 2-on-1 drill that includes a handful of dunks. Among the 2006 All-Stars included in this video are Edgar Sosa, Javaris Crittenton, Marreese Speights, Gerald Henderson and Wayne Chism.

  Derby Classic practice 2-on-1 drill

Derby Classic All-Stars rotate turns participating in this half-court 4-on-4 drill, which includes a three-pointer from point guard Edgar Sosa.

  Derby Classic practice 4-on-4 drill

The final two video clips are of full court action as the adidas Derby Classic Black team all-stars prepare for Saturday night's event.

  Full court action - 1     Full court action -2

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