Thabeet near decision after Louisville visit?

Hasheem Thabeet returned to Houston Thursday morning after making an official visit to Louisville the past two days. How did Thabeet's visit to Louisville go? Is the 7-foot-3 center closer to making a decision after spending time with Rick Pitino? Will the nation's No. 39 prospect make more visits? has the scoop.

Hasheem Thabeet left Louisville Thursday morning and returned to his Houston, TX, home after wrapping up his third official visit, and second in the past week.

Thabeet, who had previously made official visits to two of Louisville's Big East rivals – Connecticut and Cincinnati - had a good visit with the Cardinals according to Cypress Community Christian coach, Mark McClannahan.

"It went well," McClannahan told Thursday morning. "He just left this morning. He said it went well and that it was good to meet the guys on the team and Coach Pitino."

Thabeet arrived in Louisville Tuesday morning, just as reported last Friday. The 7-foot-3 Thabeet was hosted by Louisville's junior center David Padgett. Besides the normal array of official visit activities – touring the campus and facilities, meeting with academic counselors and playing pick-up with members of the team – Thabeet also dined at some of Louisville's fine restaurant establishments and enjoyed a cookout at the home of Cardinals coach Rick Pitino Wednesday afternoon.

However, Thabeet left Louisville just as he did Connecticut and Cincinnati – uncommitted.

McClannahan said he didn't know what the next step for Thabeet would be. McClannahan indicated that it was possible that a decision could be made within the next week. Thabeet could also make one or two more official visits before deciding, too.

After making a visit to Louisville,
Hasheem Thabeet has some very
important decisions to make.

Those decisions will likely be made after McClannahan and Thabeet sit down in the next day or so to discuss his options.

"I have not yet discussed with him about taking other visits," McClannahan said. "He hasn't mentioned any other schools to me that he wants to visit. We'll sit down this evening after he gets home and discuss things. I'm hoping in the next few days he can narrow things down and make a decision."

After making visits to three of the Big East's most respected powers, it's uncertain if a leader has emerged for Thabeet's services.

"I don't know if a leader has emerged," McClannahan said. "I'd probably say that there isn't one."

Regardless, it sounds like Thabeet is getting closer to reaching a decision. "He's getting close to making a decision," McClannahan said.

Thabeet is rated the No. 39 prospect nationally and the eighth-best center by

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