Dale Martin: Clear Leader

Dale Martin (5-11, 195), the No. 12 ranked running back in the nation from Bolingbrook, Illinois, is focusing heavily on his recruitment this summer. Martin has put together an impressive list of favorites and has a clear cut leader. Where does Louisville stand? InsideTheVille.com has the latest.

Bolingbrook (Ill.) running back Dale Martin (5-11, 195, 4.5) said he slightly favors Iowa over Tennessee, Louisville, Wisconsin and California--in this order. All have offered the Scout.com 4-star prospect--giving him a total of 20. Martin's most recent offer was from North Carolina State about two weeks ago.

"Iowa is slightly in the lead right now because I've been there the most and I know the most about them. Their depth chart looks real open next year so I would have some actual playing time as a freshman," he said. "The last time I visited Iowa was about a month ago for a combine with some players from my team. I like receivers and special teams coach, Lester Erb, because he's straightforward with me--says it how it is. He said I'd fit in real well with their running back game next year, and that he can tell I have a love for the game.

"I've followed the Tennessee Volunteers for a long time. I'm a big fan, so I am going to take my first visit there unofficially in August. On the same trip, I am going to stay at my uncle's house in North Carolina and visit the campus of North Carolina State--just to see what they have to offer.

"Louisville has a lot of players leaving or going to the NFL, so their depth chart will be open and I could get some playing time. I also visited and liked their campus. The people get along well and are really into the sport--lots of football colors and symbols. After it being so cold at home, the hot weather at Louisville felt real nice," Martin said.

"I haven't been to Wisconsin yet but I know I like them because they have big line back and a tradition of running games. If I went there, I know they'd bring me to my fullest potential as a running back.

"California offered me about a month ago and I've really considered them just because it seems fun there and they have warm weather. It's just been hard to visit 'cause it's so far away," Martin said.

"I am looking for three things in a college. Coaching staff, because this is the only chance I'll have to pick who I want to play for. Location, because I'm sick of playing in the cold--a warm place would be a plus. And playing time, because I don't want to be sitting behind three or four other running backs just to get a moment on the field.

"I love football because of the challenge of getting out there and beating the opponent," Martin said.

"I'd like to make my decision before the season starts; preferably by my eighteenth birthday in September. So the colleges are something I'm really starting to think about."

Martin benches 245 pounds.

Martin reports a 2.6 core GPA and rescheduled his ACT for June 10.

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