Tracy Smith wide open in recruitment

It's been assumed that Herb Pope is Rick Pitino's top 2007 frontcourt target. However, the Cardinals weren't present when Pope played over the weekend in West Virginia. Instead, it appears Louisville has expanded their search. After an outstanding ABCD Camp two weeks ago, 6'7 Tracy Smith appears to be on the Cardinals recruiting radar. has the latest.

Tracy Smith wants to make clear he's wide open in his recruitment.

Smith, a 6'7, 230 pound forward, showed off a slimmed down physique two weeks ago at the ABCD Camp in Teaneck, New Jersey. The weight loss paid off for Smith too, as he averaged 12 points and 6 rebounds. He also earned a spot in the ABCD All-Star game and posted 22 points and eight boards.

"Smith has transformed his body and is playing the best basketball of his career,"'s Evan Daniels said. "His now slim body allows him to be much more mobile, and he has the ability to drive around post players that he pulls out to the perimeter."

Since that surprising performance in New Jersey, interest in Smith has started to pick up. Smith currently holds offers from N.C. State, Oklahoma State and Memphis. Georgetown, USC and Louisville have made recent contact. "Georgetown just text messaged me, and I heard from Louisville right after ABCD," he said.

During our conversation, Smith stressed that he's open to all suitors.

"I don't really have any favorites right now," Smith told Monday afternoon. "I'm just opening things up to see what happens and who will get involved."

Smith mentioned a couple factors he'll consider when he makes his college decision.

"I looking to play for a good coaching staff," Smith said. "The facilities are also important. That's about it really. I can play in any style or system."

A cousin of Louisville senior guard Brandon Jenkins, Smith said he's interested in the Cardinals.

"I'd like to visit Louisville," Smith said. "I talk to Brandon on the side-kick. He tells me he wants me to come to Louisville."

Smith also said he'd like to make visits to the schools who have already offered scholarships to him.

"I'd also like to visit N.C. State, Memphis and Oklahoma State," said Smith. "I'll start taking visits when school starts back up again."

Last week, Smith led his AAU team to the title at the Atlanta Celtics Tournament in Georgia. This Friday, Smith will leave for Las Vegas, where he hopes to cement his status as one of the top power forward prospects in the Class of 2007.

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