Search for Council's replacement continues

Following the Cardinals Wednesday afternoon practice, caught up with U of L cornerbacks coach and recruiting coordinator Joe Whitt Jr., who explained that this Saturday's game against Miami is a big one in more ways than one.

Following the Cardinals Wednesday afternoon practice, caught up with U of L cornerbacks coach and recruiting coordinator Joe Whitt Jr. The fourth-year Cardinal assistant discussed his search for a replacement for the injured Rod Council, the quality of recruiting visitors scheduled to visit this weekend and more.

The team has had a few days of practice since the loss of starting cornerback Rod Council to injury. Has there been a decision on who will start in Council's place against Miami?

"Whoever comes out of practice the best will start. It will be between Gavin (Smart), Travis (Norton) and Bobby (Buchanan), and I don't know which one it will be right now. As the game progresses, the one that is playing the best will get the most snaps."

What's your evaluation on how the cornerbacks have performed through two games?

Whitt instructing Bobby Buchanan
"We have to have some guys step up. William has played solid this year so far, but we need to have somebody else step up and play. We're not playing where I want us to play right now, so we'll see who it's going to be on Saturday. We're going to give a lot of our kids an opportunity to go out there and do it."

Speaking of William Gay, he has really seemed to grasp the senior leadership role well.

"He has to. He has to be the guy and he's done that. He has to keep going and he has to play better than he has. I'm not pleased with how we've played so far. We're second in the conference in (pass completion) percentage (defense). We're not getting many balls completed on us, but when we do it's going 80 yards and that's not good enough. We can not give up the big play - that's a must."

How is Rod Council handling things since the injury?

"He's handling it better than I thought he would. He's a warrior and he knows that he's going to be able to come back. He's doing everything that he can to get back on the field. He's coming into the meetings and giving the guys encouragement. That might be the biggest thing we lost - he's such a competitor on the field. That can be harder to replace than ability sometimes."

It appears that you will also have a strong group of high school athletes visiting for the Miami game.

"It's a big game. We have some of the top kids in the country coming in. This is probably the biggest weekend that we've had. We have kids coming in that have been to other big games and they chose to come to our game over some others because of the fans and what we are doing here at Louisville."

One of the many things that visitors get to experience is the CardMarch before each game. I'm sure it doesn't hurt when a large crowd, like the one at the season-opener against Kentucky, present to welcome the team when they arrive.

"That was a good one. That's what it's supposed to be like. We need all of the fans to be there."

The CardMarch will begin at 1:15 p.m. under the Denny Crum Overpass on Saturday.

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