Post Game Comments: Bobby Petrino

With the 24-6 win over host Kansas State, University of Louisville fourth year head coach Bobby Petrino improved his career record to 33-8. Petrino comments on his team's performance, the play of Hunter Cantwell and more.

Louisville 24 Kansas State 6
Post Game Comments: Bobby Petrino

Opening statement:

"It was a good win, hard fought. It is good to come in here, it is a tough place to play. I certainly see why the wind was a factor in the game. The crowd was great. It was very loud, but very classy. It was an enjoyable game. I think it will help our team. I am very proud of the way our defense played. They played fast and they played aggressive. They made plays and bailed the offense out, when the offense turned the ball over. Offensively, we did not find a rhythm. Throughout the game we had some flashes of how we want to operate. Certainly the first series of the game, being able to take the ball all the way down and score and the first two series of the second half I liked a lot. We got out of sync, they (K-State) did a nice job of giving Hunter (Cantwell) different looks. So you have to take your hat off to their defense who has played well in every game."

On the Louisville defense:

"They just held in there and attacked. We were aggressive and able to get after their quarterback and for the most part stop the run game."

On the opening drive:

"That was one thing we tried to do is to see if we could come out and be aggressive early and hopefully eliminate some of the crowd noise. They're a great crowd, they know what they are doing. They know when to yell, the band should play as long as it can, right up to when the ball is snapped. It was a great drive. We made a mistake on the kickoff return. Not only were we not supposed to come out of the endzone, but he went the wrong way. We showed a lot of poise and (fullback) Brock Bolen helped us a lot today and certainly showed on that first drive."

On Hunter Cantwell's performance:

"He was hot and cold and what happened was, it took us out of our tempo. We're a better offensive football team, when we are playing fast. Sometimes he sat at the line of scrimmage a little bit long and allowed them to talk him into some checks and didn't get to a couple that we wanted. So that is why we weren't as consist as we would have liked to be."

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