Michael Bush uncertain about future plans

Louisville running back Michael Bush met with the media Wednesday afternoon for the first time since breaking his right leg in the season-opener against Kentucky. What did Bush have to say about his season-ending injury and plans for the future? InsideTheVille.com has the latest.

Louisville running back Michael Bush met with the media Wednesday afternoon for the first time since breaking his right leg in the season-opener against Kentucky.

Since his injury, Cardinal fans have wondered whether Bush, a senior, would return to U of L next season or pursue a career in the National Football League. Bush, who rushed for 128 yards and three touchdowns against UK, said his future plans remain uncertain.

"I haven't really sat down with Coach (Petrino) and my parents yet," Bush said. "Coach (said) to get my rehab done, see how strong I am when the time comes and we'll sit down and talk about it. Right now, no decision has been made."

Bush, who recently began putting weight on his injured leg for the first time since the break, said his immediate focus is on his rehab and getting his leg back into shape.

"I'm not leaning (one way or the other)," Bush said. "Right now, my focus is one getting my leg healthy and getting back on my feet."

Bush has until January 15 to decide whether or not to enter his name for the NFL Draft. What factors will he consider when the time comes to make a decision about his future?

"It'll depend on how I feel," Bush said. "If I feel like I'm good, I'll sit down with Coach (Petrino). Coach treats me like I'm one of his (own) and he's always led me in the right direction. If he says to go ahead and leave, I will. If he says my leg isn't strong enough, then I'll stay here."

Bush, who moved in with grandmother after his release from the hospital two weeks ago, appeared in good spirits at his first press conference since the injury.

"I feel fine," Bush said. "The surgery went good and I've been walking and putting pressure on my leg for about a week now. The only thing is I've still got the crutches. Now it's just a take time thing."

Bush remains uncertain about his
future plans.

While his teammates prepare for Middle Tennessee State, Bush spends his time at the Howard Schnellenberger Football Complex doing rehabilitation workouts on a daily basis.

"I'm in here just about every day lifting weights, doing leg raises and ankle pumps to strengthen my leg," he said.

For the first time since it happened, Bush described the fateful play early in the third quarter against UK that ended his season.

"I just remember hearing something that sounded like a stick - a big ole' stick – breaking," Bush said. "Then I rolled over and tried to get up and I looked at my leg and I saw my knee straight up and down and my foot was hanging to the side. I was like "No, this ain't right.' So I just stayed down and that's when the trainers came out."

The hardest aspect for Bush to deal with?

"I broke down the first game when the guys took the field at Temple and I was at home," he said. "This is the first time I've missed a whole season. It's different when you know you're going to miss two games, then your whole season and it's your last year."

Though he won't return to action this season, it won't be long before the 6'3, 250 pound Bush is back to his former self.

"They say I should be 100 percent or even stronger," said Bush, who said he'd likely be running and cutting in five to six months. "I'm glad I didn't tear an ACL in my knee or mess up my ankle or any ligaments. It's just a broken leg and it happens all the time. Soccer players get them all the time and the next thing you know a year later they're back up and running."

With a huge showdown against fifth-ranked West Virginia looming on the schedule, Bush said he might be able to lead his teammates onto the field when the Mountaineers visit Papa John's Cardinal Stadium in early November.

"Doctor Shea told me November 2 I should be leading the team out on the field in a slight jog," Bush said. "That's what I heard. Right now I'm skeptical."

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