U of L Unveils PJCS Expansion

Prior to the basketball tipoff luncheon on Tuesday afternoon, University of Louisville Athletic Director Tom Jurich answered questions from the media regarding expansion of Papa John's Cardinal Stadium.

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This past May, University of Louisville Vice President and Director of Athletics Tom Jurich told Inside The Ville that he wouldn't be satisfied as a top 15 football program and that part of future growth and development of what is currently a sixth-ranked team would include expansion of the Cardinals current home.

On Tuesday afternoon, Jurich visited with members of the media in the Rose Room of the Louisville Downtown Marriott to answer questions regarding future expansion of Papa John's Cardinal Stadium.

The expanded stadium will include:

An expanded Papa John's
Cardinal Stadium
  • Seating increased to 63,600. "The sight-lines will be great and there will be all chair-back seating,"Jurich said.
  • 2,400 loge seats. "The loge seats will have all kinds of amenities, including waiters and food service," Jurich said.
  • An additional 45 sky boxes, increasing the stadium to 75 skyboxes.
  • Complete chairback seating.
  • A new walkway that will attach the east and west side of the stadium. "It will go out 50-60 feet from the top of the stadium and we'll call that our terrace," Jurich said. "It will be a great place for fans to mingle and get food service and beverages. It's pretty much what they have at Raymond James Stadium in Tampa Bay."
  • Construction on the project should begin within the next 12 months and it is possible that work could start during the 2007 football season. Once started, construction should be finished within 15-18 months and will carry a $60-65 million price tag. "A good majority of the work can be done during the football season," Jurich said. "It will not affect our season, but there might be some traffic and parking issues."

    Jurich said that the best case scenario would have the expansion complete by the start of the 2008 season, but that 2009 was more likely.

    U of L's heavy marketing push for the expansion of Papa John's Cardinal Stadium will begin in December. "We've waited for the right time and the momentum is here to do this," Jurich said.

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