Red-White Scrimmage: Five Things to Watch

Attending Louisville's first Red-White basketball scrimmage at Cardinal Arena tonight? If so, here are five things you'll want to keep an eye on.

Point Guard Battle Rick Pitino has touted Andre McGee as one of the team's most improved players heading into the 2006-07 season. But the 5'11 sophomore is locked in a heated battle with freshman Edgar Sosa for the starting job at point guard. Sosa put up better assist-to-turnover numbers than McGee in Canada, and outscored him 33-25. Who will win this battle tonight? That might go a long way toward determining which player starts opening night against Northwestern State.

Still Recovering David Padgett and Earl Clark are both coming off injuries and are expected to play in Friday's scrimmage. Padgett appears to be making solid progress after undergoing off-season knee surgery. How many minutes will he play tonight? How effective will he be when on the court? For Clark, onlookers might want to keep an eye on how well the 6'9 former McDonald's All-American performs on the defensive end of the court. That could determine how much playing time Clark sees early in the season.

Caracter will play tonight.

Caracter for the Cardinals? Will the talented 6'9 Derrick Caracter play tonight? If so, he'll have met Pitino's demanding weight requirements, a considerable accomplishment for the freshman. Pitino has praised Caracter's skill level and has called him unstoppable in the low-post. If he plays, watch to see how he gets up and down the court and whether or not he's a dominating presence in the low-post or prefers to step out and settle for jump shots.

Are the Freshmen Ready? Louisville's four freshmen are a big reason why Pitino has been optimistic about this team. There's no question they'll play a major role this season, and Pitino promised last week each play would see significant playing time. How well do the newcomers mesh with the returning players? Can Sosa and guard Jerry Smith provide punch for the Cardinals on the perimeter? What will Clark's role be? How do the freshmen measure up on the defensive end? All important questions for Louisville this year.

Big Men Development Rick Pitino has expressed pleasure with the off-season improvement of 6'10 junior Terrance Farley and 7'0 sophomore Jonathan Huffman. With Padgett still making his way back, Farley will likely open the season as the starting center, while Huffman should become more of a factor than he was last season as a freshman. Has Farley become more of a threat offensively? Has Huffman developed enough strength and toughness to hold his own in the paint?

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