Luther Davis: New Leader for Five-Star DL?

Just call LSU "D-Line U". The Tigers have been recognized by several outlets for having the top defensive line in the country this year and have sent many players at this position to the NFL in recent years.

Defensive line coach Earl Lane is looking to keep that trend going and to do so he needs to keep bringing in the nation's top high school prospects.

Lane had three of the best in the land in for an official visit over the weekend and we caught up with one of them to see how things went.

"I had a great visit," said 5-star defensive end Luther Davis (6-4, 265, 4.8) of West Monroe. "I had always heard that going to LSU to take an official visit was a good visit and I kind of planned for that but I didn't expect that. It blew me away in every aspect of the visit."

What were some of the things that tickled his fancy?

"Just to be able to hang out the guys and to talk about the education and see the Cox Communications Academic Center," Davis said. "I just had an all-out great time and there was never a dull moment."

Tyson Jackson served as Davis' host for the weekend and the two hit it off extremely well.

"Hanging with Tyson was an honor and a privilege," explained Davis. "I asked him what he thought my chances of playing early would be and his exact words were ‘I am going to tell you the truth and I'm not going to worry about hurting your feelings. If it hurts LSU's chances of getting you than so be it but I'm going to tell you the truth'.

"He said that if I would come in with the mindset of working hard and willing to learn then I should be fine. Then the next day he got a chance to look at my film and he said that he and Marlon Favorite were blown away. He said that I could probably play soon and I liked his honesty."

Stacey Searels is recruiting Davis for the Tigers but he spent the majority of his time with two others on the staff.

LSU has moved to the top
for Luther Davis.

"Coach Searels spent a lot of time with my mom and day and I spent a lot of time with coach (Les) Miles and coach Lane," Davis said. "Coach Lane just pointed out that they needed me and that they could use me as early as possible. They both really did not talk about a whole lot but believe it or not they wanted me to focus on getting Joseph Barksdale to come because they both know that I'm pretty much coming there."

Davis did have something on his mind that he needed to clarify with the Tigers head coach.

"I did talk to coach Miles and tell him that I wanted to go some places I had never been and I asked him if he would save me a spot and hold No. 94 for me," said Davis. "He just got a real big smile on his face and I think he knew at that moment that I was going to end up there."

So, did Davis have any luck at helping the coaches recruit the big 4-star defensive tackle Joseph Barksdale?

"He had a great visit," Davis said. "I think the icing on the cake for him was hanging out with the guys and I know he loved hanging out with Pep Levingston."

Before this trip many had thought that Barksdale was all but a done deal for Ohio State.

Did Davis get that feeling?

"We talked about things some and it's pretty much going to come down to Ohio State and LSU," explained Davis. "He said that a lot of the Ohio State thing was that his mom felt uncomfortable with him being so far away from home. I think now she is comfortable with the coaches down here and that may not be as big of a deal. I told her that I was only 2 ½ hours from home and that my mom could cook up some good home-cooked food and she liked that."

Davis had already been to Louisville for an official visit and he has one scheduled for next weekend.

Could that be all?

"I go to Oklahoma next week then I have to take some time away from recruiting to focus on mid-terms," he said. "After that there is a good chance that Oklahoma could get that last visit because there is a good chance that me and Barksdale are going to commit at the Army game together."

There had been a previous report that Louisville was leading for Davis' signature but after this weekend we asked him if there was any doubt that the Tigers are sitting in his No. 1 spot?

"There is no doubt at this moment," he said. "There is no doubt. You can say that they are my leader."

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