Cards complete first practice in Florida

University of Louisville head coach Bobby Petrino and selected players visited with media following the team's first practice in Florida on Wednesday afternoon...

Head Coach Bobby Petrino:

Anytime you miss five days it takes a little bit to get our timing back. I like to do football conditioning. I'm not a guy that likes to line up and run sprints, so we did a lot of twominute offense at the end, working on blitzing at full speed and running to the end zone and getting three groups going there so we'll have to spend a few days on conditioning, but the biggest thing is being in football condition, not ready to run the mile.

One thing that we've always done is hit all the time, we practice the same all the time so it feels like the same as tying your shoes every day- you kind of get used to it, that's just what we do and knock on wood we've been able to stay healthy.

I think its real special for us and the fans to be coming down here to the Orange Bowl and certainly is for the University of Louisville and all our coaching staff. When we got there four years ago, that was one thing we said we wanted to do was get to a BCS Bowl game and once we got in the Big East, we had that opportunity so it's a great job of reaching one bowl game, reaching the BCS, get to one goal and now we want to win the game- I think that's the biggest thing we want to do- prepare right and enjoy Miami because its certainly nice here, but we do want to win the game.

Quarterback Brian Brohm:

We've had fun getting be back out here, getting back at it in the beautiful Florida sunshine - its just fun to be back out here.

We always do a good job of taking care of our teammates, not going to the ground and putting ourselves in position to hurt another teammate. Coach constantly gets on people for not doing it the right way and there's a proper way to practice and a proper way to play and we practice the right way so nobody gets hurt.

This is huge, we've been waiting to get here for a long time and now we're here at the Orange Bowl and we're going to try and enjoy it and get a win.

It feels great. This is something we've worked so hard for and now we're here and we're going to enjoy the moment.

We're definitely here to win the game. We're not here just to enjoy being in a BCS Bowl and to celebrate that. We're here to win the game, so we're focusing on Wake Forest getting ready for the game and it will be a great way to cap off the season and a great way to start next season.

As an offensive player, you like to play it (in your head) and see a lot of points scored, but you never can really tell how its going to go. The games people think will be highscoring games turn out to be low-scoring ones - they just never turn out the way you expect it to, so you have to be ready for anything.

Linebacker Nate Harris

It's just like Christmas when I was younger; I'm just waiting for that day to come. My Christmas will be January 2 and I didn't receive anything for Christmas, so this will be my Christmas gift.

To be back here out in the sun and in this weather it feels so good - it's probably like 20 degrees in Louisville right now.

There have just been a lot of obstacles in my life and I just thank God for giving me an opportunity to come out here and give me a second chance. This has been a walking testimony to young kids and other people on my team seeing me strive to be the best I can and I'm glad to be an example for all the younger guys on our team if anyone wants to talk to me about the situation.

Just like Coach told us last week, we have the opportunity to be a top three team. It's the first time this school's been in a BCS Bowl, and I'm glad to just be a part of it.

Wide Receiver Harry Douglas:

[Brian Brohm's] playing his best football right now, so that's always good for the offense. Each week he's getting stronger and stronger, and by the end of the game he gets better. He's already a smart quarterback, but he's getting smarter so that's good also. He brings a lot of confidence to our team and our offense. If someone messes up, he says ‘shake it off, you'll be alright.' It's a big motivator in the huddle and on the sideline.

It felt good to get back on the field. The weather feels good out here too so it's a good thing to get out here and play some football.

We started with each other a long time ago - it's actually doing how we're coached mainly and knowing what each other are going to do. It's a big help.

[Being in the Orange Bowl] means a lot to me. For the program it means a big thing too, coming into being a national powerhouse in our conference and around the nation so it's very big.

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