Charlie Stubbs talks Cardinals offense

University of Louisville offensive coordinator Charlie Stubbs talks about creating a new playbook, returning talent, philosophy and more...

University of Louisville offensive coordinator Charlie Stubbs, who spent the past four seasons with the same responsibilities at Tulsa, has spent the majority of his time since being introduced as a member of the Cardinals coaching staff in January developing a new offensive playbook. In addition to head coach Steve Kragthorpe having his say, Stubbs had also received input from passing game coordinator Jeff Brohm and running game coordinator Brent Myers.

"We all work together," said Stubbs. "Ultimately it goes back to the head ball coach. Steve's the head coach and he has coordinators and all that, but ultimately the focus is back to him. On game day I'll be calling the offense, but this gives guys who have a lot of experience, like Jeff Brohm and Brent Myers, an opportunity to have input. It's not just Charlie Stubb's offense. The way I have always coached is that we all have input, but ultimately it's my job to put it all together and have some semblance of order in it and then carry it out."

When it comes to Stubbs offensive philosophy, it's simple, just score points. During his time at Tulsa, the Hurricane finished among the nation's top 40 scoring teams all four years and that trend is certain to continue at Louisville.

"Attacking and score points, just like what has been going on here," said Stubbs. "Get the ball into the play-makers hands and try to utilize a lot of formations and motions just to create match-ups."

In addition to his time at Tulsa, Stubbs resume includes stops at Alabama and BYU and believes that the talent level found at U of L is comparable to what he saw during his time at those two schools.

"It's similar to Alabama and BYU," said Stubbs. "Some of the skill guys remind of the some of the BYU guys. Of course with Brian at quarterback and when I was at BYU we had Steve Young and guys like that, so the high-caliber, high-profile quarterback I have been fortunate to be around and that's what it reminds me of."

In addition to working with a Heisman Trophy candidate behind center, Stubbs also believes that the talent found in the Cardinal backfield is comparable to the Shaun Alexander led ground attack at Alabama.

"There is some talent there to hopefully be some complete backs, because we don't ask our players to just be ball carriers," said Stubbs. "They have to be good blockers, but also good pass receivers. When I was Alabama we had a back similar to that in Shaun Alexander. Shaun got a lot of balls through the air to and I think it really helped him in his development when he went on. He wasn't just a ball carrier and he understood that. That's what we'll evolve to eventually - getting those guys involved even more in the passing game."

Also the wide receivers coach, Stubbs admits that while he's never enjoyed having multiple receivers possessing the size of junior Mario Urrutia and freshman Josh Chichester on his roster, that he's looking forward to utilizing their height this fall.

Urrutia created plenty of headaches last fall
"I've never had 6'6, 6'8 type guys," said Stubbs. "The biggest thing is that it gives a definite headache to a defensive coach, with those corners sometimes being pretty small. Also, the phyisicalness that those guys bring us, especially Mario."

Just two days into spring practice, Stubbs is evaluating the abilities of each member of the offensive depth chart and not focusing on the team's current star players.

"Right now the thing that the guys have to understand, and they do, is that I'm trying to look at everybody right now and not just putting out, Harry and Mario from my group all the time," said Stubbs. "I have to see where those other guys are and I'm also going to need them. The bottom line right now is for me to get a handle for the whole picture and not just those specific players."

The Cardinals will continue spring practice on Sunday at 4:50 p.m.. The team will practice in pads for the first time this spring on Sunday.

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