Louisville offers TE James Hanna

The search for a top tight end, for Louisville, has now led to Texas. One of the better kept secrets in the Lone Star State is a tall wide receiver from the Dallas metro area who really projects as a tight end.

The evaluation period is allowing some teams the opportunity to check out Flower Mound (Texas) spring practices and James Hanna. Hanna, a 6-foot-4.5 and 215-pound receiver, said that practices are going well.

"Things are going good right now," Hanna said. "We are in spring practices and some teams have been by the school already."

One sign that things are going good for Hanna is the flurry of new offers coming in. Hanna has picked up four new offers over the past three days.

"I just picked up offers from Louisville, Nebraska, Arizona and Kansas in the past three days. I got the Nebraska offer last night."

Those four offers go along with offers from Oklahoma State, Illinois and Minnesota. Hanna also said that Wisconsin might be close to offering as well.

"The offers from Illinois, Minnesota and maybe Wisconsin are kind of unofficial. I haven't received anything from them saying that they were offering. I talked to Minnesota on the phone and I think that Minnesota and Wisconsin told my coach."

The Nebraska offer is one that Hanna might have been happy to get, but he understandably doesn't know a lot about. He couldn't comment specifically on what he knows about Nebraska or about the offer.

"I get asked that all the time. I don't even know. I don't know a lot about these schools. I do know that I can go there if I want."

While Hanna doesn't know what to say specifically about some of his offers; he does know what he is looking for in a school. Hanna has some high hopes on and off the field when it comes to picking out a school.

"I want to go somewhere that I feel comfortable. I think that I want to go to law school, if I don't go on to play football after college, and I think that I want to get a good education to go to law school."

"I think that I want to go somewhere that the temperature is decent. Someplace that has a good climate. Distance isn't a big thing for me. Those are really it."

When you see Hanna, you see a tall, rangy guy that translates into a tight end at the next level. What you miss, if you don't see him run, is his excellent speed and athleticism. He has 4.53-speed in the 40 and had a 4.17 time in the shuttle.

What people also miss is that Hanna played wide receiver in high school. Last year, Hanna had 20 catches for 320 yards and two scores. He earned second team all-district honors at wide receiver.

"I think it's my hands. I have played solely at the wide receiver position in high school. I think that let's people know that I can catch the football. I think that I can translate into a big-play tight end."

While playing receiver in high school gives him an advantage against some tight end prospects, there is also an Achilles heel that Hanna noted. "To be completely honest, I am not an excellent blocking being that I haven't practiced at tight end all that much."

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